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    -It hurt, like a mother******, my body felt skinned in a hundred places, but of course I was exaggerating. There were no broken bones through, miraculously considering I had just taken a direct charge from a human Rhino and lived. The trees had split apart when we both collided but I was pretty sure I was the one who took the most damage from the contact. The training grounds were fine, except for the fallen trees, and the hole in the wall that I had smashed into. It was monstrous, the amount of power that this guy possessed but there was one thing that stood from all the pain and other emotions... I was pissed.

    I took hold of the side of the wall closest to me with a grip that caused cracks to form along that side, and slowly lifted myself out of the hole. My own quiet rage was concealed behind a deadly straight face and sub zero glare, and I stood up silently, staring at Ryuu. Suddenly, I broke out in a charge, but something was different, my body felt lighter and I felt way faster, I suspected the contract had something to do with it. I didn't care really, like I said, I was pissed. I charged, and quickly arrived in front of Ryuu, bending sideways and putting down a hand to balance myself I aimed a strong kick towards Ryuu's jaw.-
    "Know your place!"

    -Ever since I had entered the helicopter with this guy, he had come off as an self centered, arrogant person who really had no regard for the feelings or pain of others.... kinda like me, but at least I didn't blow up at people and charge them whenever they said something I didn't like, and them pound them into the floor until they became part of it. Besides all the first impressions and things, I just flat out didn't like him, and the way he dealt with certain things he was really like a rhino when he got mad. But then again, maybe I was the dumb one for trying to fight with Ryuu, since it was not really the place for me, a human to attempt going head to head with a demon...-
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