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    Hello. Welcome to the world of Pokemon. You are about to embark on a journey with strange and wonderous creatures. As you travel through the land of Kanto, you will experience fun times and tough challenges. But never fear, for you will not be alone in your journey~ BZZT~ Journey. You will each have one pokemon to ~BZZT~ To ~BZZZTTT~

    System error 300929. Error. System Intialising. Warning. Unable to disconnect from Server 001. Warning.


    Nideous opened his eyes. He sat up and scratched his head. Where was he? Last thing he remembered was them connecting some kind of machine to his head, then he went to sleep. His gloved hand came away from his face. Some spikey orange hair fell over his eyes. He brushed it out of his face and felt some goggles. He grinned. Had he made it? Was in in the new game? As he looked around, he was disappointed to see he had not. He and several others were on some kind of weird platform. It was oval shaped, and a bright neon green. As far as the eye could see, there was code. Daniel had no idea what it was for. He assumed they were on some kind of loading screen... Or something to that extent.


    System failure. Warning, unable to disengage players. Warning, system has been corrupted. System is unstable.

    Operator code, 40029. System data partially restored. Initializing character data.


    Nideous was very surprised when a very large machine appeared on his arm. This machine had a screen on it. There were several tabs. One was listed Pokemon. Another Items. Yet a third was Rank. There was another one called Player Statistics. And finally, there was Keyboard. Nideous pressed the Pokemon Tab. He could see two figures. A small Minccino, and an egg. He pressed on the Minccino, and a pokeball appeared. He dropped it to the ground, and a small, life-like and very cool looking Minccino appeared. She looked at him and let out a very real sounding cry.

    "That's cool," Nideous said. His eyes flickered to the device on his arm, where his words appeared, complete with his user name attached to it. After a few moments, it faded and a new tab appeared, reading Text Log.


    System scan in progress. Warning, unknown virus detected. Unable to self correct. System crash inevitable. Unable to disengage players. Player data will be lost.


    Zanzer looked at his device. As a Mod, his was naturally more updated and functional than the ones the players had. Unfortunately for him, this also gave him some new responsiblity. Responsiblity he had already grown tired of. He had signed up to test the game, not keep it safe. He sighed when his screen flashed. There was a major disturbance in Pallet Town. Wait, wasn't that the site of the new batch of players? He was all the way in Lavender Town! What was he supposed to do about it? He scrolled down the list of players that were online in Pallet Town. He picked out a rookie player, one that had also just started. Time to foist this off on them. He clicked on their record. It was perfectly clean. Which of course it would be, considering that he had just joined like a half an hour ago. He typed them a quick message.

    Congradulations. You have been selected to be a new Moderator of this server. Later.

    That should do it. Let Alason deal with the problem, whoever he or she was. He clicked send, and then clicked the Moderator tab. He dabbled with a few options and when he was done, he was just a normal player again. Alason, whoever it was, was now the new Mod. Good for him... Or her. Zanzer turned and began walking away, glad that he was not the ne to deal with this new problem. Let Alason deal with it.

    (OOC: And... GO!)
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