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    "... Is it odd?" Yes, it is. If it wasn't then why would Xavier be asking? "Preferably, I would like my allies to stay alive for quite some time... You may not know about me, but I know about you." Okay, the first part made some sense, but that last part didn't make a shred of sense. How would she know about him? When would she be finding information on him? What would she be doing to get the information she wanted/needed? But, here comes the one question a scientist must always ponder. Why would she know about him? Of course, to keep him alive... But that didn't seem to be the only reason. It was probably the vibes he got from her. Xavier couldn't exactly describe those... Just the fact that they are foreign. Very foreign. He waited for Bern to finish what she was saying.

    "I have an alliance with them, as I already stated..." Okay, that makes sense. You wouldn't want your allies attacking your other ally, right? It was easy enough to understand, he wan't an idiot. Far from it actually. "I would hate to have to protect an ally from an ally. That would prove to be difficult..." See? Although, he wished he would've been notified before she accepted to become... aliies with the Vampires. Xavier would've argued against it due to personality clashing, but oh well. Just don't blame him if something goes awry. He didn't know what he would do if he had to go through another guarddog scene with Kerin and Marisa. Xavier could literally feel a tinge of headache snake across his head at the thought of going through that again. He shuddered inwardly.

    "Trust me. I've been in these games twice already..." Touche, Bernkastel. But there are different ways to play the game. It's just in this one there is no winning. The only way to win is to run. Which is impossible. Fate just wasn't on their side. My entire purpose for participation like the last years has been lost. Thus, I owe protection to yourself and any others whom could... Somehow survive the tradegy." Xavier kept his blank look on her, and he didn't give too much thought on what her reason to be in participation of the games was. He merely thought about it for a few seconds, before dismissing it from his mind completely. It didn't matter. And the same for the second one, they were all going to die. Nobody was working together, nobody seems to remember this fact, and everyone's a puppet. Except... him and Bern it seems. Xavier would more think of themselves as... rats. They weren't puppets, which bend to your every whim and will. They could move around, think for themselves, but because of the situation they're in now, apparently very easy to kill. Not saying, Xavier wants to be a rat, but it's better than being a puppet. He'd rather be something more... majestic. Like a tiger.

    Xavier's rambling thoughts were interupted by a necklace being presented to his face. "Here. For you." Xavier moved his face a little bit back to get a clearer look at the necklace. A red and blue necklace, Using stones. Quietly, he took it in his hands to examine the work. Appealing, yes, but to be honest, he didn't really wanna wear it. Well, at the moment. He was going to be training, and rule #1 in combat, is don't have something an enemy can easily grasp. So, Xavier had the servant from before bring it up to his room, and he quietly moved into the elevator next to Bernkastel. He completely ignored her parent comment. Irrelevant. And potentially hurtful. You don't just say 'sorry you never met your parents'. He knew that. There's no point. He had nothing to grieve, so no need. She's lucky he isn't the kind to get offended easily. "Thank you for the necklace... I'll stay for up to an hour for training, and if the Vampires don't accept, then they don't accept. Honestly, I don't want to be in an alliance with them, so I'm not gonna make an effort. They either accept me or they don't..." He scratched his nose quietly, standing there nonchalantly as the elevator doors closed.
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