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Originally Posted by pokemonmasterdeep View Post
please discribe ability , bcz there are more than one for some pokemons. That will be good if you describe hp ,too.Exp. points will be great.
HP doesn't necessarily matter, because the Pokemon aren't necessarily EV trained and exp points make no difference whatsoever. Only the amount of evs given matter (but since the user hasn't ev trained, it's fine).

Originally Posted by Lezza View Post
I am on pokemon pearl and I am just about to enter victory road:
Torterra;Terra Tree;Luck Incense;Naughty;Overgrow
Atk-133, Def-107, Sp.Atk-81, Sp.Def-80, Spd-77 Lv.45
EarthQuake; Razor Leaf; Crunch' Rockclimb
EXP:88953 HP:150

Crobat;sonicVenom;Silver powder;Bold;inner Focus
Atk-83, Def-95, Sp.Atk-73, Sp.Def-89, Spd-131 Lv.44
Fly; U-turn; Poison Fang; Pluck
EXP:85634 HP:138

Golduck;VodaKaczka;Icicle plate;Hardy;Damp
Atk-83, Def-83, Sp.Atk-102, Sp.Def-75, Spd-95 Lv.43
Surf;Shadow Claw;Psychic;Ice Beam
EXP:83886 HP:127

Gengar;Neon Ghost;Spooky Plate;Naive;Levitate
Atk-72, Def-68, Sp.Atk-127, Sp.Def-73, Spd-123 Lv.45
Shadow Ball;Giga Drain;HP(Steel);Curse
EXP:85769 HP:115

Sudowoodo;RockieWood;Rock Incense;Calm;RockHead
Atk-85, Def-112, Sp.Atk-46, Sp.Def-75, Spd-41 Lv.43
Rock Slide;Earthquake;Strength;Wood Hammer
EXP:82187 HP:120

Chimecho;PrimeChime;Wise Glasses;Bold;Levitate
Atk-58, Def-81, Sp.Atk-99, Sp.Def-93, Spd-81 Lv.46
Extrasensory;ShadowBall;Light screen;Charge Beam
EXP:78167 HP:121
Torterra really needs Wood Hammer for grass moves (razor leaf = way too weak), so maybe go to the move tutor and teach it to the Pokemon again? Crunch isn't really needed on Torterra, though various non-attacking moves work on it, ranging from SR, to leech seed, etc, it's up to how you want to use Torterra. Also, Stone Edge > Rock Climb (since Stone Edge is a rock type attack and Rock Climb, despite the name, isn't a rock-type attack (which you'll get soon).

For Crobat, you're better off using the move tutor to get cross poison, since it's both physical and a lot stronger. Generally you can't do anything else without further breeding, and nothing else applies to in-game teams, but you could always try roost. While it's generally suited to a Crobat w/ Brave Bird, it can work, and generally if you have pluck, then you don't need fly, and vice versa.

Personally, I went with Psychic on Gengar, just to cover fighting types, but generally gengar goes with tbolt or icy wind in the place of where giga drain is. It also needs focus blast for coverage against dark types, and either hidden power fire or hidden power ice. Curse won't be helpful at all, and mostly useful for non-ghost types (unlike belly drum it doesn't really boost your stats, so :x). As for items, you could go with either leftovers or Life Orb (the latter appearing on most sets).

Sudowoodo needs to be move tutor'd sucker punch to compliment that set - and you also need stone edge for more power/more useful/chance of crit etc.

As for Chimecho, there's better psychic types you could use imo and you'd need to change your entire moveset with the sets it should go with so maybe think of another psychic to use? :( Nothing comes off the top of my head, though.

gl with the elite four anyway!

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