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Michael Cale - London, England

Michael had been waiting for nearly half an hour, lost in his own thoughts of where he would go and what he would do, not to mention what life would be like once he was identified as Atlantean. Atlanteans technically did not possess rights as such, so life could become very difficult for Michael, losing his job and also his place in the University scared him a little. Becoming an Atlantean meant that Michael would be forfeiting his status as Human and replacing it with Atlantean. His life may not have been the best, but it was all that he had made it be and losing that all scared him. His legs beneath him began to ache, so he slid down the wall to the slightly dusty ground, letting out a breath as he lowered to the ground. Once there he pushed the problems that plagued his mind to the side and turned to the younger girl next to him.

“Hey,” he said cautiously, eyes downcast, “I’m Michael, you are?” From his line of sight, all he could make out was her clothing; a grey shirt hidden behind a giant cast, accompanied by a small skirt and leggings. To top it all off, she had a pair of slightly worn ballet flats. To Michael, this style of dress seemed kind of odd, but he did not want to agitate her by commenting.

At first she didn’t answer him and Michael took this as a sign that she did not want to talk, to him at least, so as he turned away he muttered, “it’s okay, you don’t have to answer.” Looking in the opposite direction towards the blank wall, he began to worry again as the problems returned to plague his mind once more.
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