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"I'll do what I want, when I want to, vampire! You have a problem with that? Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"

"I'm not gonna get myself killed trying to make you happy!" Kerin yelled back at Ryuu, his fists clenched in his palms. "I'm not... that." He added under his breath. Why was Ryuu even doing this? To let off some steam? To get over some kind of daddy or sibling issues? Or was he just a retarded psychopath? It seemed most of the people here were like that, ranging from a bloodythirsty Shiro (who could turn mellow at the prick of a needle) to the crazy that was the game master, Natruo. Did anybody have a level head here? Even Bernkastel seemed a little out of her mind.

Kerin watched with gritted teeth as Raike got up from his hole in the tree. Though he felt some concern for the kid (he was only human afterall. A human, taking on a demon! Only emphasising what Kerin was thinking earlier), he had brought the fight on himself. Kerin had not asked him to step in front and take a blow, even thought Kerin had managed to dodge it without even making any contact with the demon. What an idiot kid. Ugh! And even going back in for seconds. If it wasn't stupidity, this kid had balls.

"Why don't you save the fights for the game?" Kerin yelled at the two. He wasn't going to rush in and intervene, not like he usually did. This was not a bully and a harmless kid. This was an amateur bullfighter playing chicken with a rhinoceros.
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