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    Ah, Pallet Town. It feels kind of nostalgic being here, having been so long since he played Red Version. Alason ran to the south end of the town and turned to take a good look at its entirety: Oak's Lab, Green's house, and... hm. Something was going on with Red's house, it looked like it was glitching out. Trails of ones and zeroes played around the house, it was disconcerting.

    Then something next to his pocket beeped. "Huh?" Alason picked it up off of the belt loop it was hanging from. "A bracer?" With a nice chrome finish, it was just two leather straps with two more crossed over each other on the inside to make a boxed-in X, and a full leather cover on the out. The outside had a large metal Pokéball fused to it, too, with a blinking button. White. Red. White. Red. Alason pressed it, and a message popped up on a holographic interface.

    Congradulations. You have been selected to be a new Moderator of this server. Later. As soon as he pressed the big red X at the top right of the message, lines of code flooded the interface and left behind a menu. From the top to bottom, there were "PokéDex, Pokémon, Items, Alason, Rank, ModMenu, Options," and "Log Out".

    Moderator? Does that mean he can do things the other players can't? Great!... Ugh. That means more responsibilities, too. "I'm guessing I'll be the one taking care of Red's place." And so he went after closing the menu, straight up to the door, which was slowing being covered in binary. He opened the door before the ones and zeroes overtook the handle (could've sworn there was a two in there somewhere), and looked around for a source. Nothing on the first floor except floating code, so Red's bedroom must be where it's coming from.

    As soon as he got up the stairs, the first thing to see was a large hole in the wall near the TV. It looked like the code was holding it open, and sticking his head inside, Alason saw something you'd only find in a Megaman game. There were platforms to walk along in neon blue, and code floating everywhere like fog. Something stood still in it, though. "Hm? It's too dark." He tried calling out to a lump of code. So moderator-y. "Hey! Can you respond?!"

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