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Physically holding himself back as Ryuu and Raike collided once more, Kerin felt that familiar, hot anger in his face bubbling closely to the surface. But no, he must not intervene like this. To get involved would mean putting himself on the line. He couldn't just throw his life away for a simple fight, there was too much to live for now! He had Marisa to protect, this new alliance with Bernkastel to uphold, he had a dream to live out if he managed to win. A far fetched one at that, but who knows? It could happen. Maybe Bern could help him.

His eyes widened as they fell on a familiar face. Marisa! What was Ry-- oh god no. No, he wouldn't dare try. But he did, dashing off from where he stood to where Marisa could be seen. And there, he was gone. The Kerin who thought things over was gone, replaced with Kerin who fought for not many reasons. With no strategy in mind, he ran after him as fast as he could. He managed to catch up to Ryuu, his legs being powered on his anger alone. Grabbing the demon's collar, he swung him around and threw him in the other direction, away from Raike and Marisa.

"This is not how you do things!" he almost screamed after Ryuu, his fists clenched tight, on the verge of making his palms bleed. "This is not how you fight! Marisa didn't do anything! Fight me instead, you ass hole!"
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