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For those who write fics with chapters in them - do you post a chapter the moment it is ready to go, or do you try a buffer of a few chapters before posting anything (or indeed get the whole fic written up before posting it)? On that note, how do you plan your story too - do you get the whole basis written up before writing or just write as you go and see where it takes you?

I usually just post when I have something done myself, although atm I'll actually have a buffer quite likely given I may be splitting up a chapter at the rate I'm going. As for plans, I went a good while without only a vague outline in my head of what will happen only to hit a hiatus (but not just because of the fic itself but various other reasons), and then last year wrote up a plan for the rest which I think has helped me continue my fic - certainly been more productive this year with it compared to last year! But what about you?
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