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    ((Lol no its cool, im glad you're keeping to Ryuu's personality! I would be disappointed if he took that kick quietly, besides, I got to use that line, so im satisfied.))

    "I know my place, human. It's right on top, over your broken corpses. It you humans, and the rest of you who don't seem to know your place. Where you belong..." Said Ryuu as he took hold of my leg that had seconds ago clipped his jaw, and was now preparing to throw me. "...IS BELOW MY FEET!" He exclaimed, tossing me in another direction with great force. This had the opposite affect that Ryuu might have planned, because now he had just thrown me like a doll, like I was nothing, and then he insulted my entire race. No freaking way would I let that slide.

    Pulling out of the tumble of the throw, I righted myself just as I reached the wall, and landed against it in a controlled crouched position making some slight cracks, and then dropped to the ground. My eyes still burned with the same quiet rage I was feeling as I looked and saw Ryuu heading toward one of the trees, which seemed to be holding someone.... it was that little girl! Now I was faster than usual, but I wouldn't be able to get over there in time, I knew that much. Just as I was about to move though, I saw the vampire boy- Kerin, grab Ryuu roughly by the collar and throw him in the opposite direction of the girl, and me. Damn. The kid had an arm, because Ryuu went flying into the air! I found my hand reaching up to touch my arm where the tatto...Mammon resided, and then jumped, hoping that what I was thinking would happen, would happen. And it did.

    I got some real altitude, catching up to Ryuu after a few seconds and grinning a cold deathly malicious grin at him, silently thanking Kerin for giving me an opening. Without making a smart remark, I quickly launched into a punching combo which concentrated mostly on Ryuu's arms and chest, before kicking with my own two boots right down onto his face, both of us now heading toward the ground once more. My voice harbored as much emotion as my cold steel boot, which was actually heating up now, on account of my fire magic, and soon reaching the heat level of a hot stove on its highest setting, and still climbing.

    ((Aahhh I left room for Ryuu to like, throw him off or reverse it or something, if it needs changes please tell))

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