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Ryuu launched himself at the tree, prepared to go full force, when he was suddenly intercepted by Kerin. It was strange. Ryuu was tossed back by the vampire Kerin. He was actually quite strong. Ryuu was surprised, and a bit impressed. A bit. He heard Kerin shout back at him as he was in the air.

"This is not how you do things! This is not how you fight! Marisa didn't do anything! Fight me instead, you ass hole!"

Ryuu couldn't help but smile as he was in the air. He had gotten him mad. Good. Now things might get a bit interesting. Suddenly, he was intercepted by a smiling Raike. Ryuu was quite baffled. How did he manage to get so high? Perhaps there was more to the human than he thought. He placed his hands in the way of the oncoming punches, but the bulk of them still managed to get through in the high altitude. Then he kicked down with his boots on Ryuu's face. Ryuu could feel a burning sensation as the two of them had collided in the air, Ryuu's face now burning, and getting hotter.

"Who's beneath who's feet now, Rhino?!" He heard the human shout. Before the boots made any permanent marks, he began to grapple and fight back as the two tumbled closer and closer to the ground. Ryuu didn't think he would be able to make it out on top. But if he didn't make it, he sure as hell didn't intend the human to. He grabbed hold of his boots, and brought the human at the same position he was in. Then, he bear hugged him. Staring into his eyes with malice and hatred, Ryuu smiled maliciously at Raike as both of them were about to pummel face first into the ground below. Ryuu the Rhino the demon who was built for pain could survive an impact like this. The question is, could a human? That was what Ryuu was about to find out as he held on to Raike even through the pain of heat seeming to emanate from the him.

A few seconds later, there was a large crash, and the two of them crashed into the ground, an enormous crater formed from the impact. Dirt fluttered everywhere, as well as debris from trees. And then, after a few minutes of chaos, everything was quiet. A few seconds later, Ryuu grabbed for a handful of dirt as he pulled himself up from the large crater now formed. He saw no immediate sign of Raike. He huffed a bit as he panted and made his way to a standing position, breathing hard as he looked around the area. What he did next could chill many to the bones. He let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Then, he looked at Kerin. Assuming a stance of battle, he accepted his proposition to fight. He had a pretty good idea that Raike wasn't done for completely yet either, which means this might turn out to be a three-way fight, unless of course, the human was out, or dead. Ryuu didn't move at first. It was a rare thing, but Kerin had piqued his interest. He decided, for once, not to charge in and make the first move. Not just yet, anyways. He waited to see what was going to happen, between the missing Raike, and the position, and now ready Kerin.

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