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    DiceBot, Dice for short, cracked open his eyes to find himself lying down on something. Above, there was nothing but code for as far as the eye could see. He sat up and looked around. It appeared he and the other players were on some form of platform in the massive sea of code. The guy could only assume one of two things: they were loading the game, or the game had crashed. Looking down at himself, he saw he was wearing an awesome trench coat. Searching through the pockets he found nothing, but saw some manner of interface spawn on his arm.

    Standing up, Dice inspected the machine he could only call a Pip-Boy. He tapped the 'Items' Tab, opening up his inventory. Listed were a Potion (Standard for a Pokemon Game. He wondered if the one in Red's house was still there as bonus loot for a smart player.), 5 Pokeballs, and a set of dice which presumably activated his Gambler powers. Closing that tab, he checked Character Statistics, which was pretty blank due to only just starting, but had a picture of himself. Seemed Dice had a budget of 1000 pokédollars. Rank seemed boring so he ignored it.

    The Gambler glanced up at the others, a few of which had also awakened. Seemed one had a Minccino, and the other a Deino. Dice figured his Spiritomb would give an early game advantage, though it would likely be outclassed by their fully evolved Pokemon in the endgame. At least, that's how Dice predicted it. He went to check his Pokemon Tab now, seeing the sprite hopping up and down in his party list. Pressing the button, Dice spawned his own Pokeball and called out Spiritomb. The spiral of souls appeared, letting out its long and somewhat disturbing cry, it awaited orders. Never being very food at names, Dice considered it for a while. He heard one of the other players asking how to look at himself, and called over to him, "Open Player Statistics on your Pip-Boy. Or Pokeinterface, or what have you."

    Turning back to the Spiritomb, Dice came up with the most horrible name in the history of Pokemon, "Your species is supposed to be mischievous and tricky. You will be The Ensorceled Jester That Enlivenes Always! Jester for short."
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