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Thank you for the comments you guys!

AtomicReactor - Thanks :D A few people have stated that they prefer the previous graphic scheme, but I'm glad to hear you like this new one. I know I'm using public things, but hopefully in due time I'll be able to tailor a nice spiffy look for it again o: Also long time no speak. How've ya been?

JV - Hey thanks! Uranium is awesome; I'm so jealous of all the progress you've made on it xD

Logiedan - If I pick up some spriters or something then I will definitely revamp our older looking sprites. But at the moment all of the original spriters that made them have retired/gone away xD so hopefully at SOME POINT.

Alright so I've been working on changing and adding some tiles, mapping, and a lot of miscellaneous graphic stuff. However I'm not really ready to show any of it but since its been awhile, I figured I might as well show a teaser.

Please excuse the use of Lyra's backsprite D: It's just a place holder until I can get a redone one for our Heroine.