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    Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
    I don't feel comfortable messing with the code. DX
    What the heck did you build this thing with?! o.O
    also -- watch your file names. They're case-sensitive on unix.
    Sorry about that. I tried my best to make sure it didn't happen, but apparently didn't catch them all. Fixed on the new release.

    Actually, I had built this with visual studio 2005, and not on linux. So, some stuff GCC didn't like swept by in the code. Fixed most of those as well. Also, me and a friend spent four hours looking and fixing the makefile (from the original one provided, which I hadn't seen), and we couldn't really make it link all the files in Ubuntu. Don't know why, because the places it complained about (on the expression parser) didn't really make sense (were well defined). But, apart from the verbose warning system, there are only two errors on the end, that seem to be system dependant.
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