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I was Hunter here, a different world apart, coding and machines floating all across as I attempted to come to grip with where exactly I was. Next to me was...a creature. A Pokemon? Oh yes! It was a Pokemon! A Mienfoo! As if I couldn't ask for a more better Pokemon. And what's this? It was shiny! Was it mine? It looked up at me. It seemed to smile. Pixels fluttered around me for a brief moment as I realized where exactly I was standing. I was on a platform. Around me were others, their appearances peculiar. They had Pokemon with them. Some communicated amongst each other, written words of programming followed. I decided to dabble with a device stuck to my person.

I came to a setting which was a representation of me. I was Hunter, and this was my Mienfoo. Shiny. I decided to name it. Scrolling through the screens, I came to a place where the name setting could be changed. I looked at the Pokemon. I typed in the desired name. He was now Blitz, and he was mine.

I looked around where we were standing. A platform in a strange place, a computer world? I didn't know. Were we trapped here? I didn't know. Were these people also in the same situation, or were they apart of this world? I get the feeling I would soon find out.
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