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    Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post

    Ooooh, is that why he's been inactive for the past month? Oookay, at least he didn't die or something. Unless his parents murdered him...
    Stupid Zamorak -.-' Yeah, I VMed him earlier... he didn't VM me back. Probably tired of Miharu and I being annoying? Yeah... Arceus help those we team up against(like Skymin when we needed Plague approved?).
    We... do...? Okay... I should probably go read the other SUs...?

    @[Insert all dos gibberish symbols here] - Yeah, get workin' on it! We need to Shift our Focuses to a new RP. :D
    Well... we probably can't get those two(so we won't have a love triangle/Kellyn murdering us...) so... let's go pester some other peoples! YOU WITH ME MY PARTNER IN CRIME*coughMiharucough*?!?!
    One of those two. I talked to him a while back and he said that he was slowly being able to come back on...I WANT THAT HARRY POTTER RP. ;~;
    Well, he told me that when Plague was accepted. I was like, "Plague has been accepted, go join it! And so has the remake of Focus Shift, although I guess you already knew that."
    Yes, I feel badly for Skymin. At least she finally remembered that I was CO-GMing Plague with you...
    I feel like we need to set the record straight that it was MY idea to restart Plague. =P
    Yes, we do. Weirdly, but we do.

    I will probably be heading to sleep soon anyways. If we start tonight, I may be depressed for missing the beginning. xD
    Maybe both Kris and Raike could fight for Miharu's affections. =P
    Who are we pestering again?

    Also, I've given up. Focus Shift people (old ones, not new ones) and before that time period can call me Miharu. Or those who have been in 5+ RPs with me with the name Miharu.
    For those who do not know me and call me Miharu 'cause others call me Miharu...I would advise you to sleep with one eye open. At all times.

    Long OOC post. o.O
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