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    In the middle of playing this hack, and I must say, it's looking good. Really looking forward to you finishing this (tbh in the feature section you made the hack sound dull, but it was the complete opposite xD)

    Anyway, I want to report some very very minor bugs, unfortunately I need 15 posts to post pictures/links, so yeah.

    One of the signs on Route 51 says "Route 53 Indigo Town - Bandreach City" when it's supposed to be Route 51.

    The bug catcher on the north-west side of Route 52 says "I like bugs, so I'm going back to VIRIDIAN FOREST." if you talk to him after you defeat him.

    EDIT: COOLTRAINER LESLIE on Route 52(West side right above the left ledge) has a Level 12 Spinda with Smog and smokescreen.
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