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The world appears in front of Draginja, particles swirling in her vision like the teleporter effects from Star Trek. She takes a moment to look around, noting various lines of free-floating code, several character models, and a pretty-looking landscape. The other players have devices on their wrists, and Draginja sees she has one as well. Some people are messing with their devices, some are looking at Pokemon. She takes a few steps, getting the feel of movement. Look at this place. It is weeaboo-tastic, I'll give it that much.

She fiddles with her wrist device, changing some settings, looking at a few menus, and setting some quick key bindings. Or mind-bindings, as the case may be. "Okay. Let's test this baby out." She grabs the Pokeball on her belt, tossing it into the air. This presses the right buttons to summon her first Pokemon, just as she hoped. "Much more realistic than pressing buttons. Hello, Gastly." She pulls up his info, comitting the important details to memory.

Draginja walks away from the group, her Gastly following. "We're here to test stuff out, right? Let's do something crazy!" She runs toward a tree, leaping off the trunk to grab a low limb. (If this isn't possible, she'll find out the hard way.) She decides to try yelling. "HEY GUYS! HOW ARE THINGS OVER THERE?"

((We're here to test the game world, right? I'm gonna see how long it takes me to get the game to crash. Expect random behavior first, serious Pokemon training later.))
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