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Mega Ampharos is the one.
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    What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Fierce. Wild. Raw. Dark-types are under-rated, oftentimes overshadowed by other types like the *pshhh* Fire-types. People should understand how Dark-type Pokemon can actually rule the woolrd *evil laugh* that's a bit dramatic. Hahaha@

    Your partners:

    What type rules: the water-types. LOLJKASDFGHJKL. Dark types Rule!!!

    What is my favorite dark-type?

    Absol and Krookodile are personal favorites. Absol can be a fairly good sweeper with Night Slash and Psycho Cut.
    Krookodile's typing is a good one, and paired off with Moxie, Krookodile is a beast. He swept through the whole BW E4 with him.

    When did I started liking Dark-types?

    When I caught an Absol in Ruby. That's when.

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