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    W.I.P. Of the bag screen. I'd like to do something about the description text at the bottom to center it better and not stretch out of the boundry. Any help is appreciated.

    Aside from that, I've been assigning TMs/HMs to the fakemon and fixing some issues with the gameplay as it is now.

    I've also updated the credits and the features of this game. Here are a few of the in-depth features I can confirm:
    • TMs are usable at any time and don't run out. In correlation with Gen 5
    • Pokemon WILL faint from poison damage on the map, similar to Gen 1 and 2 (Pack those antidotes, boy. )
    • The amount of items you can store in a bag has been increased from 99 (the default) to 999. The maximum amount of money has also been increased to 9999999.
    • Removed the Mail slot in the bags
    • Fishing is set to autohook, which is reminicent of the Gameboy titles (I couldn't understand why this was changed)
    • There are no shiny pokemon (At least for the time being).
    • Snow Warning has been implemented, so Snover can finally do some good.

    In addition, there is a minor item-based changes that sets this game apart from the main series:
    • The Light Ball item is usable by every single one of Pikachu's line. So even Pichu and Raichu will gain the stat boosts. It also raises the attack stat in addition to special attack.

    I am planning to release a demo in the near future, and (hopefully) I will be able to display more content from the game. This is what is planned:
    • The first two routes, in addition to the first three towns and cave/forest sectors will be playable.
    • The fakemon that appear in those respective routes will have their battle sprites done and they will be ready to evolve.
    • You will be able to challenge the first Gym Leader.
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