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Activity has been down here recently, and not just because mostly everyone is back at school/uni/work and a lack of a new major Pokemon game in Japan (unlike the last three years) means less activity in general across all the Pokemon forums either, which is currently the case (here, sppf, bmgf...). We've had more activity here before too but for various reasons it is pretty quiet atm.

But I don't see much point to this thread tbh... if you want more reviews, the best way is to help out the section and review other people's fics too, or their poetry, and talk in the discussion threads here (or make your own about general writing topics or the such). If nobody does that but just wonders about why nobody is reviewing them, well... you get what the section looks like atm sadly. =/

Basically - if you post about in this section, people will be more inclined to return the favour, and if you advertise your fic in your signature, it's extra advertising too in the appropriate section for your fic. And if you only post your fic here, then you'll just seem inactive and lower your chances of reviews.

But as there's not much point to this thread (why should everyone have a 'I want more reviews' thread otherwise?), I'll just close.