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because nobody in their right mind would walk around with a wimpy Clefairy.
Replace "Clefairy" with "Pikachu" and there's my opinion right there. I'm looking at you, Mr. I-Live-In-Mount-Silver-And-Operate-A-Meth-Lab-There-When-Not-Getting-Pwned-Because-My-Team-Sucks-Due-To-My-Ugly-Rat *end rant*

Bertha showed a couple of tye-dye shirts to Michael and a pair of plain pants.
I KNEW there was a bit of hippie in Bertha after all

Well now, this looks like it could be a game-changer, and in more ways than one.
(1) Michael discovers stone evolution (if he realizes that the stone is what triggered the process, that is)
(2) Henry's reaction in the morning when his former Clefairy is now bigger and tougher
(3) How this evolution will play a factor in Henry's match against Jerry
(4) Evolution apparently auto-heals sickness and infections in Pokemon?

As for (2) I'm still unsure at how Henry's gonna react... whether he'll think it''s totally awesome or whether he'll be all "MICHAEL! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CLEFAIRY?!?!" Given their shouting match in the center, and the fact that evolution is still a relatively inknown process, he could go either way... maybe thinking the illness mutated it or something.

Well, I guess we'll be waiting till next chapter to find that out. I'll be looking forward to that!

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