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    Dear Anonymous,
    Your boyfriend is a jerk. He controls you through emotional blackmail and he can't control his emotions. He's self-centered, egotistical, and delusional. Speaking of that, most of your friends also control you through emotional blackmail. I think I'm your only friend who respects you and lets you make your own decisions; you're so nice that EVERYONE KNOWS that you are easily manipulated, and people take advantage of that. Emotional manipulation works on you every. single. time.

    Remember how, Saturday night, your friend didn't want you to talk to me or your boyfriend cuz like "you guys never hang out and it's sooooo sad" (even though you two live together). Remember how that worked out? You ended up walking home, ALONE, at 3 AM and some guys tried to pick you up, all because she just ditched you for no apparent reason after your boyfriend confronted you about how you were ignoring him because of her. And then him, being unable to control his emotions, left you uptown alone and refused to pick you up and left you locked outside of his frathouse. Do you know how many times I've been ditched uptown? NONE. I have good friends that actually care if I make it home or not. You should try having friends like that.

    Make your own decisions. I'm tired of getting ditched for people who pull your strings and make you feel bad for hanging out with me/anyone else, and not them. I'm also tired of constantly hearing about how badly your friends and boyfriend treat you every time I talk to you. You CHOOSE your own friends.