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    (OOC: Torn Zero, after my post, feel free to play the Virus and finish the battle. Just don't post it dying. I have something planned for when it dies. Also, Draginja, there are no trees loaded up right now. The only thing around is the large platform everyone is on.)

    The Virus was hit by the Absol's Scratch. It floated backwards, and swung a wave of pixels at the Absol, The pixels opened up and clamped at him with Bite. This virus was one of the weaker ones, so of course it wouldn't be very smart. If it was smart it would use some of it's other moves.


    Nideous cocked his eyebrow at everyone. These people were very strange. Cayla squeeked at him and he put her on his shoulder. He walked over to the girl that was spazzing out with the Ghastly.

    "Man, I hope they finish loading us soon. This is getting crazy..." Nideous said. Cayla squeeked helpfully and grinned happily at the Ghastly. Nideous patted her on the head, still marveling at how real her fur felt. They had done one heck of a job on the textures and graphics... Wait a minute... Nideous grinned.

    "Hey! Any of you guys want to battle me while we wait? Other than you, because that would be terribly one sided with your Ghastly," Nideous called out. He looked around at everyone expectantly. He was waiting for someone to be bold enough to say yes. This was going to be fun.
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