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    Moros landed on the neon walkway and was crunched on by the mouth of code. Didn't feel a thing. "Alright, Moros, keep Scratching!" The Absol charged back at it after shaking off saliva made of binary and swung its claws, throwing the virus away again and again. The virus jumped back and started to screech, and it pissed off Moros quite a bit. Trying to use Scratch once more, it failed horribly and was hit by another Bite.

    "Did it use Torment? Well, try Feint!" And Moros succeeded this time, faking growing dizzy before smacking the virus with a paw to the face. "Okay, it should be weak enough now. It has Pokémon body parts, so maybe I can catch it." Pulling out a Pokéball, Alason enlarged it and chucked it at the virus. It made a direct hit on what looked like a Kanghaskan's forehead, and opened up, but the red beam didn't suck it in. "Damn." Guess it has to be knocked out.

    "Scratch!" Moros leaped in once more and swung its claws, slashing away at the virus like he had the express purpose of killing it.

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