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Well, i'm back =P
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I've decided to join, but i'll be using a completely new character =P

>Name: Cassandra Marx

>Age: 16

>Gender: Female

Physical: Cassandra is tall, a few inches over 6ft, and doesn't weigh too much more then 160lbs, most of which is muscle, not fat. She has long, black hair that she normally keeps in a ponytail, and she has dark green eye which look slightly too far apart. She is Caucasian and she has no scars or tattoos of which to speak of. The only make-up she ever wears is lipstick, and only on special occasions, otherwise she feels like she looks well-enough.
Clothing: Cassandra usually wears a dark t-shirt with a plain blue-grey sweater hoodie which is her very favorite piece of clothing. When it's cold she normally wears jeans, but if it's warm enough she sometimes wears a skirt that drapes down to about her knees. She also usually sticks to sneakers or running shoes, but if she is trying to be formal she has a pair of black high heels that she can wear, but only if she is trying to be formal will she wear those, otherwise she prefers wearing something else. She sometimes wears glasses which is for her farsightedness, but the farsightedness isn't that bad, so she mostly wears the glasses for looks instead of for her vision.

>Personality: Cassandra is a very shy person, not for any specific reason, she just has trouble talking to other and often ends up just clamming up and not talking at all if someone tries to talk to her. When she does manage to get past her shyness she normally comes across as a well-meaning, empathetic person. She also avoids confrontation, hoping that if a problem comes up that she can avoid being involved by staying quiet and unnoticeable. This doesn't mean she isn't capable of being brave, she can be brave when the situation calls for it, she just prefers avoiding problems in which her involvement most likely won't improve the situation.

Cassandra also spends a lot of time on introspection, questioning who she is and why she is, often coming to an answer she likes yet still coming back to the question and trying to find another answer. She also tends to zone out, able to occupy large amounts of time just staring off into space, thinking about not too much of anything. She doesn't have the greatest patience in the world, getting pretty frustrated with people pretty quickly, although she normally just tries to ignore people who make her frustrated then try and deal with them. She also isn't too picky, being able to enjoy pretty much anything as long as it doesn't require too much social interaction, then her shyness gets the better of her and she isn't able to enjoy whatever it may be too much.

>History: Cassandra was the middle child of three, with one older brother and one younger sister, all three of which got along fairly well with each other, but never amazingly. Cassandra's parents often fought, over only a few issues, and the fighting made it hard for Cassandra to respect them much, her older brother becoming the prominent holder of her respect. When she was 11 she debated becoming a trainer since her brother hadn't taken up becoming a trainer as well, but eventually decided that it would be best for her to go out and explore the world, but only after a year of debating it with herself. With that decision made her and Kason set out, and although she never proved to be the best, she showed to be a good trainer, and be able learn quickly from her own mistakes while learning from watching other, more experienced trainers.

In four years of being a trainer she managed to get several badges, but she did this more as a way to collect mementos from her exploration of the various regions then for prestige or recognition for her skill. Soon after she had her first visit to the Aether realm she stopped traveling as much, wanting to focus more on her new ability then on exploration. She still isn't sure of everything that she can do while in the Aether realm with Kason, but she is very curious, and she has determined that it isn't immediately dangerous in the Aether realm to try and satisfy her curiosity. She recently has gone back home to visit her brother and sister, and has been there for a month visiting, and plans to leave once again fairly soon, barring anything keeping her from leaving.

RP sample: [Anything in brackets is memory] Steve was looking at the wall, surrounded by his own dark memories and emotions [Reading in my room, everything is fine]. Steve's eye notices a little crack in the wall for the thousandth time and traces it across the room [doorbell rings, can't be Sarah, the shop doesn't close for another hour and a half]. The crack ends in the corner of the room farthest from him, he falls completely into the memory he was trying to avoid [Opens the door, an officer is standing in place, looking grave. Steve's stomach drops, something isn't right, someones been hurt. The officer speaks, his voice is too low to hear, he stops then starts again louder "There has been an incident, we've been asked to pick you up from this location." Steve doesn't know what to do, what would Sarah think.... slowly a feeling worse then dread creeps through his body "What's happened?" he asks. The cop doesn't answer, Steve doesn't ask again, he just follows to the car, not a police vehicle, just a car.] He pulls himself out of his memories for a moment, he realizes his throat is dry, but he doesn't want to get up, he just wants to focus on staying in the present, but its so hard, he gives up, "Let the memory finish, its too hard to fight" he thinks, he drifts back ["A hospital?" He thinks with a grim joy, hospital means injury, not death, he both feels the pressure let up a little, but the thing worse then dread stays with him, even injury is still a terrible thing. They walk in the doors, they go left, it starts getting cold, a sign "Morgue" it reads. His insides crumble against the pressure of what has happened, "gone" he thinks, over and over and over and over, he falls against the wall. The officer asks if hes ok, he thinks no but says yes. They keep walking, doors spread apart, his sister is there, on a table, theres a hole in her upper chest, it all goes dark.... he wakes up, in a bed, its warmer then before but the bed is nearly as stiff as the floor was,the realization hits him, his sisters dead, i'm in a hospitable bed because I passed out, there are no tears, just sadness, a deep, deep, sadness.] Steve looks at the ceiling, he stares at the light, after a minute he looks towards the wall again and counts how many seconds it takes before he can no longer see the light outlined on the wall.

>Name: Kason [Rhymes with Jason]

>Gender: Male

>Species: Mightyena

>Personality: Kason is just as quiet as Cassandra is, but he is quiet because Kason studies others physical body so he can determine the best way to deal with them if they become a problem, while Cassandra is quiet because she is shy. This does not mean Kason believes every person to be evil or out to get him or Cassandra, but more that he sees the possibility to become a danger, although he sees humans overall to be fairly sane and somewhat kind, if not a bit unpredictable. Obviously he is very protective of Cassandra, having been with her as long as they both can remember, and whether Cassandra wants him around or not[although she normally does], he is there. Kason is also fairly passive, as long as something is not a physical threat to himself or Cassandra he will normally leave it be, no matter how annoying or idiotic it may be.
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