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    Originally Posted by jojo1250 View Post
    uummmm, i wanted to know how to get lets say zekrom to fit in a 64x64 pallete without screwing the sprite up. not adding or edititng trainers, but i will need that later so thanks anyway.
    Ah, sorry.
    Not sure why, but for some reason I though you were talking about trainers.
    Originally Posted by Cathar View Post
    Hi everyone!
    I'm new to ROM hacking and I don't really want to get into it too far right now, BUT:

    I want to change the event at the beginning of FireRed where Oak gives you your Pokédex so that he gives you the National Dex instead.

    I already have XSE but I can't seem to find a way to open the scripts in the ROM with it?

    If there are any tutorials for this, I'd be really happy to have a link.

    Note: I don't want to make a new script, I just want to change the existing one.

    Thanks in Advance (do you see what I did there),
    If you have Advance Map:
    1. Open your ROM with Advance Map.
    2. Go to Oak's Lab (Map 4.3).
    3. View the events, and click on Oak's person event.
    4. If you haven't set XSE as your script editor, do that by going to "Settings" -> "Choose script editor".
    5. Hit the "Open Script" button on the sidebar.
    6. Oak's script should open in XSE.
    7. Add your command for the National Dex (I believe it's special 0x16F).
    Compile the script (the little gear/cog button in XSE). If you made any changes in Advance Map, save that as well.
    8. Test it out.
    9. If it worked: congratulations.
    If it didn't work: troubleshoot it on your own, then post here again.

    If you don't have Advance Map:
    Get it.
    Alternatively, if you know the offset of the script you want to edit, open the ROM with XSE and type in the offset.
    Edit the script to your heart's delight.

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