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    The virus fell back, damaged and weakened. The final Scratch hit it, and the virus shuddered. Then it grew to nearly double it's original size, and whipped a tendril of pixels, attaching itself to the device on Alason's arm. The screen went black, then became a jumbled mess.


    "What the heck?" Nideous said in confusion. The device on his arm, and everyone elses that was present, had suddenly blacked out. All the pokemon that were out suddenly vanished into a mess of pixels, and Nideous leapt away from the small floating grey thing that had used to be Cayla. It looked at him, if such a thing was possible, and squeeked. Nideous looked at his arm device again, and was shocked when he saw a ton of graphical errors and other oddities. After a moment, it returned to normal, as did everyone else's. The pokemon also reappeared. What had just happened? Slowly, the world around them faded and swirled until they were all standing inside Red's house in Pallet Town. Nideous looked at the wall, and gasped. Another player was being attacked by something weird. After a moment, the virus released him and exploded, pixels hitting all of the people present. They were absorbed into each person, all of whom fainted.


    System data restored. Error code 3029. Reboot unavailable. Caharacter data corrupted.


    Nideous awoke to very familiar scenary. He was in Oak's lab. He sat up and rubbed his head. As he looked around, everyone that he had seen in that room was there. Including the person that had been attacked by the thing. Also present was Professor Oak. Hm...

    "What the heck?" Nideous said. He checked his device, but it was still blacked out.

    "We have temporarily disabled your control units. You were all hit by a virus. The last person this happened to was deleted when his data was so corrupted that he himself turned into a virus. We will explkain everything once everyone else is awake," Oak said. Nideous cocked his eyebrow but said nothing.
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