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    Ugh, my head. Virtual reality feels more painful than real reality. Alason sat up to the interior of Oak's lab and made sure his glasses were intact, surrounded by other players. One was awake with him, and Oak was standing near a table. The professor was talking to the player that woke up before him. His handle was floating over his head: "Nideous".

    "... was deleted when his data was so corrupted that he himself turned into a virus." Were there players before them? Well, it's only a beta now, so the only real players before should have been some techies behind the game. "We will explain everything once everyone else is awake," he finished.

    Alason took a look at his bracer and tried to open the menu... and nothing. Why? The last thing he remembers is the virus lashing out at it and exploding into a mass of pixels. Wait, did the other players pop into the game before the explosion? Nideous was trying to fiddle with his own control unit to no avail, so it was possible.

    Hm, his looks bulkier, and probably heavier, too. Looking about himself to inspect the other players, Alason found that his control unit was pretty unique, while everyone else's matched Nideous. I know I came in before them. Is it because of that, or does it come with being a moderator? He couldn't see their usernames either; probably because they were unconscious.

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