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As the control interfaces started acting up, Dice looked at it and then looked up. The Gambler jumped back when he saw the mass of pixels where the Spiritomb had been, "Aw crap, they're sicking the Missingno. on us!" Almost immediately after, things returned to normal and the group was inside Red's house, where another player was fighting a mess of pixels. As Dice was about to sneak upstairs and check the PC for a bonus potion, he fell facefirst onto the floor, unconscious.

An indeterminate amount of time afterwards, DiceBot stirred on the ground, grabbing his head where he had hit it on the floor. He sat up slowly and looked around, seeing the familiar face of the Pokemon Professor.

"We have temporarily disabled your control units. You were all hit by a virus. The last person this happened to was deleted when his data was so corrupted that he himself turned into a virus. We will explain everything once everyone else is awake," Oak said.

Dice rubbed his eyes and took off his hat as he got up, out of some unconscious recollection that it was rude to wear a hat indoors. It took a bit of time for what Oak had said to really register in his brain, and he started to panic, "Wait, what, deleted? Is this safe?" He looked at the others who were still unconscious, wondering if they were okay, "Who's brilliant idea was it to put Glitch Pokemon in the game? I mean I can get it as a throwback, but as real viruses?"
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