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    I am using your voice as my ringtone. When I finally get a cellphone. (I've been meaning to get one for a while now, but I always spend my cash on something else >__> And now I'm saving up for Metroid Other M, The Zelda DS games, and Bowser's Inside Story. Yes, I'm buying them years after their release, I thought they were crappy games back then.)
    Actually, it reminds me of this one TV character but I don't remember the name. Somehow, that voice also pops an image of James into my head, even though that it is defineteley not the TV character I'm reminded of (I don't even know why, James sounds nothing like you)

    Anyway, after Route 3 comes Nacrene City as you obviously would know, and to the left is a forest (you said you played the beginning so I guess this is nothing new for you). HOPE THE FIRST POKEMON YOU ENCOUNTER IS FIGHTING TYPE. Now, this could be influeced because I'm currently playing VoltWhite for my challenge (in VoltWhite Lenora is infernal), but I've also played the originals and Lenora isn't as easy as she looks. In a Nuzlocke losing a single pokemon is a big loss, so catch a fighting type or grind A LOT. Also, either dump Patrat at the PC or use it as an HM slave. Trust me, you don't want to have to train too many pokemon, and Stoutland does everything Patrat can do, only better.

    Good luck.

    And remember, when *if* you were to hypothetically get a Lickitung YOU MUST NAME IT TENTE OR DIE.