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    I was silently shaking my head as I awoke. Okay could people stop shouting? Jeezum... I shook myself off as I stood up. I glowered to myself, annoyed. "If there's a virus in the game," I piped up softly to whoever had just spoken, Black Mamba or whoever. "Couldn't that mean they can't let us out too? We're probably corrupted by the virus." I knew a fair amount of computers but not that much. I didn't look around. I memorized pixels without it. I sighed a little, shaking my head and examining my shut off control device. I wonder if deleted might mean what I think it does...

    That was not worth thinking about. I wasn't entirely sure what the NPC professor had to say but I could probably take a hazarded idea. We were screwed. Or someone had seriously trolled. Jerk.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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