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Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
How about we mark ryan/LDD/Yami as "retired co-owners"-- a designation that indicates they can pick up where they left off should they return.
Great idea!

Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
The active posters list isn't reliable if we need to kick someone out. This can be something I'll look at on the external site. In the mean time, you can edit them into one of your posts and link to it.
How about if I had a list underneath that said: Banned Members/Infracted Members - with a list of banned members/members with strikes below? That would allow us to use the auto-updating list and just keep a running list of the exceptions (that is, the members on the list who aren't members anymore).

Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
We should ease up on the whole truth-telling business. Obsessive compulsive lying is of course disallowed, but being obsessed with proof and witch hunting suspected liars kills the mood. Listing shinies upon joining should be enough, and ensures that they've read the first post.
I agree. I'll also remove the references to being a "good" member, as the landmark Supreme Court of the Shiny Hunters case #6063, shido v. MetalMario, prevents distinction between members. (Interestingly, it also correctly predicted shiny inflation and set the initial provisions for our future server. :cer_laugh

Haha, the original first post contained profanity directed at members who don't hunt that much - I'm definitely going to tone down the atmosphere and make it seem more welcoming and friendly.
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