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    Originally Posted by Ice-cold Claws View Post
    Yep, here's a repost of my map, but with the errors fixed. (thank you Ray.)
    Map Name: unconfirmed
    Map Game: Pokemon Fire Red
    Comments: Yes, the bottom does have connections to another map.

    I beg for criticism.
    EDIT: And the second map. Fixed errors.
    Map Name: Valley Pass
    Map Game: Pokemon Fire Red
    Comments: Nothing much, your typical route-with-river map.

    Id give Valley Pass a 7/10, and the bottom map a 4/10

    The Valley Pass map looks pretty nice. Fairly roomy, nice amount of tall grass, and i like how you used all the types of grass from the FR tileset instead of just the one. I found a few mistakes in the mountains. Thats what's in the red circles. Also, after i uploaded that pic, i noticed that the smaller trees on the left are wrong. you just repeated the top of the tree, but theres no bottom of the tree behind it...

    The small waterfalls look a little odd (heck, the gen 3 waterfalls look wierd period. im trying to fix that on my hack myself). Im not sure how to remedy that, just pointing it out.

    The bottom map needs a bit more work though. There are quite a few mistakes in the mountains. Thats most of the smaller circles. The really big one in the middle, that looks like you cut half of the cliffs off. It just looks odd. Id rework it to use the full size cliffs

    The bridges have some tile errors as well. The horizontal bridge has water underneath the entire way. The vertical ones have some wierd backgrounds as well, and look strange how theyre dragged up further onto the land

    The cut tree also looks like it could be a PITA as well. i mean, youll need surf 2 blocks later, why make them have cut as well?

    Anyway, here's my map.

    Map: Rosewood City
    Game: Firered

    This town is the location of the second gym in the game, and the Dept. Store with a Game Corner in the basement, the start of Cycling road on the bottom right, and links to 4 different maps (2 north, 1 east, 1 south). In the story, this town was a traditional Japanese style town that was burned down, and rebuilt many years later in a more western style. Close areas to the north and west still have this traditional architecture. The fountain (which i may alter or replace with a scratch one later) is a memorial to the old town and the lives lost.


    Tile credits to 874521 and CNickC.