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    "What the hell...?" Jack said, as he got up, rubbing his head. He had a massive headache, his head was hurting terribly. He shook his head, trying to clear his senses, he was still confused. Everything was blurred, he couldn't see anything clearly. It took him a moment to get his head clear, after which he got up on his feet, flexing his hands, and legs. He felt tired, and refreshed, both at the same time. He examined his surroundings, closely taking everything into notice.

    After all the Pokemon games he had ever played, he easily recognized the place as Professor Oak's lab, and the man standing in front of him as Professor Oak himself. He realized he had actually woken up in the game, and grinned at the thought. Had he got his appearance though? He looked at himself in a mirror nearby, and saw himself as the boy he had requested to be. He smiled, thinking, "So far, so good..."

    He noticed a small thing on his arm, some kind of device. He tapped the screen but it didn't start. He heard Oak say, "We have temporarily disabled your control units. You were all hit by a virus. The last person this happened to was deleted when his data was so corrupted that he himself turned into a virus. We will explkain everything once everyone else is awake," He groaned, he had just arrived and already attacked by a virus. Jack knew this was just Beta, and a bug he understood, but a virus? Damn, this place was really messed up...
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