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    Chapter Five: Boreas' First Battle
    A light spring drizzle fell from the sky and made small puddles on the road as Black and his pokémon walked over Route 2. Unlike Route 1, Route 2 was a paved stone road where occasionally cars and bicycles would pass. Due to this they covered a larger distance every day, but they met very few wild pokémon. Black was wearing a long raincoat, but Octa and Boreas thought the rain was quite refreshing. At some point they became aware of a strange rattling sound very far away. In the course of several minutes it became louder and clearly came from behind. A human boy on a bicycle was approaching, slowly overtaking them. As he approached the rattling noise that a piece of paper stuck in his wheel was making became louder and more annoying. When he finally overtook them, he suddenly braked and made a skidmark two metres long.
    Hey dude!” the boy shouted as he jumped off his bike. He wore a shorts and a T-shirt that said “N00BS R NOT COOL”. “Why aren't you wearing shorts? They're comfy and easy to wear!”
    Because it's raining.” Black said, “And pretty cold. Besides, I prefer to wear trousers.”
    But dude, all the cool kids are wearing shorts!”
    I'll keep that in mind. Bye.” Black walked on.
    The boy followed him. “I'm Jimmy. You should wear shorts, dude, or everyone will think you're some gay noob.”
    Black yawned. “I couldn't care less. Now please, go bother someone else, kid.”
    No, I want to battle with your pokémon! I'll show you how awesome my Patrat is!”
    Black smiled slyly and stopped walking. “Sure. I'll accept your challenge.”
    Awesome!” Jimmy said, “My pokéball is at my bike, so I'll go get it!”
    While Jimmy ran back to his bicycle, Black knelt to talk to his pokémon. “Alright Boreas,” he whispered, “now that you're a member of the team, we'll have to teach you how to battle. And I think this stupid kid would be an excellent first opponent for you. After all, you couldn't possibly lose to him.”
    Boreas felt very nervous. “But I don't even know what to do!”
    Great, just follow my commands.” Black said as he got up.
    Jimmy had returned. “I'm gonna win this! Patrat, go!” He threw his pokéball and a Patrat came out.
    Get him, Boreas!” Black said.
    Boreas turned to Octa. “Wh-what do I do?”
    Just get in there and follow Black's orders. You'll likely be victorious, for it's just a Patrat and her trainer looks like his entire family put together would be intellectually inferior to either of us.”
    Okay.” Boreas said meekly as he nervously set a few steps forward.
    Patrat, Tackle!” Jimmy ordered.
    Boreas, start off with a Tail Whip!” Black ordered.
    The Patrat ran at Boreas and bashed into him at full speed. The air was knocked out of Boreas' lungs and he only barely managed to keep from falling over. His side hurt badly where the Patrat had hit him. Boreas slapped the Patrat with his tail, but the Patrat didn't seem to care and knocked him down with another Tackle.
    That's not how you-” Black started, but then he said “Never mind. Just hit that Patrat with a Tackle.”
    The Patrat had put some distance between her and Boreas, so Boreas had the chance to charge at her. When he impacted the Patrat, he painfully felt the shock in through his neck, and fell to the ground again as the impact dizzied him, while the Patrat seemed only a little bruised. She Tackled him again, and now his ears were buzzing and spots were dancing before his eyes. He was aware of Black and Octa shouting orders, encouragements, or advice to him, but he couldn't make out the words. His entire body was sore, and as he tried to get up again, his foe impacted him once again and he collapsed immediately.
    I give up.” Black said sadly.
    Woohoo!” Jimmy cheered. “I won! Hahaha, take that!”
    Boreas felt incredibly ashamed about losing. He didn't want to look up to see the disappointment in Black and Octa's eyes, but he could hardly keep lying on the ground either. With a sigh and a jolt of pain from his sore limbs, he got up while Jimmy gloated to Black. Boreas kept his gaze down, not wanting to look Octa or Black in the face. Finally Jimmy got on his bicycle and rode away, chanting “I beat a big kid! I beat a big kid! I beat some guy who doesn't wear shorts!”
    Seeing Boreas trudge sadly with his tail between his legs, Black picked him up and petted his collar. “Hey, don't worry about it. You just weren't ready and I asked too much of you. We'll make you a good battler yet, we'll start training immediately. No, let's make that tomorrow when it's not raining.”
    Glad that Black wasn't angry at him, Boreas jumped back to the ground only to see Octa was not in a good mood. “Octa? Are you mad at me?”
    Octa sighed. “I don't suppose I should be, for you couldn't really help it. I'm just exceptionally embarrassed to have lost to some nincompoop and his Patrat.”
    I'm sorry.”
    Don't be, my dear fellow. One shouldn't dwell on one's mistakes, but instead look forward to prevent repeating them. And since Black declared we shall train you tomorrow, I doubt your next battle will go similarly.”
    I just... Didn't think it would be that hard and painful. Even my own attacks hurt. Does that get any better?”
    Your neck probably hurts now, doesn't it? At least that Tackle you performed looked bad for your neck. The problem lies here: just because you can do something, doesn't mean that act will be reliable in combat. Of course you can tackle someone, but if you haven't mastered Tackle, you could hurt yourself as much as your opponent, as you've noticed. Or take Bite, for example. Pretty much every pokémon can bite, but that doesn't mean biting shall be reliable as a move in combat. If you were to try biting your opponent untrained, you might lose teeth, and the bite shan't be as powerful as it could be.”
    So what you're saying is that I lost because I am untrained, and that I might've won if I had been trained.”
    Might have won? You would most certainly have won if you had had some basic training. I could have defeated that Patrat blindfolded and with my both arms tied behind my back, and so shall you in a few days. Well, except for the arms, that is, for you couldn't walk properly with them tied behind your back.”

    The next day it was sunny, so they spent the entire day teaching Boreas how to fight. In the beginning they used Black's rolled up sleeping bag as a target for Boreas' attacks, as it was soft enough to prevent him from hurting himself. Later, when Boreas had learned how to keep himself relatively safe during his attacks, Octa acted as the target instead, easily blocking or dodging most of his attacks. However, as the day continued the rare occasions where Boreas would manage to hit Octa became increasingly common, and he was starting to figure out several handy tricks for surprising him, so eventually they switched back to using the sleeping bag as a target instead. By the end of the day, Boreas was exhausted but satisfied with a hard day's work.
    The next day they did a different kind of training. Now Octa would hit Boreas with attacks, and Boreas had to try to dodge or block his attacks. Boreas found this form of training a lot less enjoyable, even though Octa made sure to put very little strength behind the attacks. By noon Boreas had only started managing to dodge the attacks once in a while, and was getting quite sore from the hundreds of weak attacks that had hit him all morning.
    While they were eating lunch, resting from the training, a familiar voice called “Heeeey Black!”
    Hey there, Bianca.” Black said before turning around to greet her.
    Oh, you're having lunch, that's a great idea, mind if we join you?”
    Not at all.” Bianca and her two pokémon, an Oshawott and a Lillipup, joined them. The Oshawott seemed very shy and more or less hid behind the Lillipup.
    Hi,” the Lillipup said, “I'm Puppy, and this is Oshy.”
    We've met.” Octa said with a slight bow, indicating the shy Oshawott, “But it's nice to meet you. My name is Octavianus, and my friend here is-”
    I'm Boreas.” Boreas introduced himself. Octa looked a bit annoyed at being interrupted.
    You know,” Bianca said to Black, “Cheren said I walk too fast and will chase wild pokémon away like that. I think he may be right, because I left two days after you from Accumula to visit the market, but I've already overtaken you.”
    You don't walk that fast, I haven't travelled for the past two days in order to train Boreas.”
    Oh yeah, the really cute Eevee, right? I think Cheren may have stopped to train too. I guess that's important if you want to beat the Gym Leaders, I mean, they're gonna be pretty tough, won't they? But I think I'll see how strong the one in Striaton City is first before I really wait to train.”
    I was originally planning to do the same, but when I battled some kid Wednesday, it turned out Boreas had absolutely no experience in any battles whatsoever, so I decided to train him first. Speaking of which, I'd like to see how he fares in a battle now. Will you battle me?”
    Bianca adjusted her hat. “Challenge accepted. So... We'll each use two pokémon, I think, because that's all we have. Let's get to it!”
    Octa stood up. “Well gentlemen, it seems we are going to have a battle. Arceusspeed to all of you.”
    ...Okay.” Oshy said quietly.
    Right, bring it on! And good luck to you too!” Puppy barked.
    Boreas felt a lump of anxiety in his throat. “Octa, I don't know if I can do this.”
    Don't worry, my dear fellow, you'll be fine this time. Remember all that you've learned in the past two days, and just concentrate on the battle.”
    Boreas, you're up first, good luck!” Black said.
    Puppy, let's see how well Black's training has paid off!”
    Puppy and Boreas stood opposite each other, waiting for the battle to start. “Boreas, Tail Whip!” Black ordered.
    Boreas wagged his tail in a manner that was as cute as he could manage to make him seem harmless to the opponent. “Ha!” Bianca said, “That didn't do anything! Tackle him!”
    Puppy charged for Boreas, so Boreas patiently waited for the last moment, and then quickly sidestepped out of the way and pursued with a Tackle of his own. Puppy came to a halt after missing Boreas and had no time to dodge Boreas' Tackle and was hit hard by it. This time Boreas wasn't hurt by the impact at all, and managed to get out of the way before the Lillipup could counter-attack his counter-attack. After another command from Bianca, Puppy charged Boreas again. Boreas quickly used his paw to toss some earth into his face, obscuring his vision. All it took was an easy sidestep and a quick Tackle as Puppy missed him. Puppy quickly recovered, however, and unexpectedly hit Boreas rather hard. Boreas charged for Puppy now, compensating for his attempt to dodge, and hit him full on. Puppy collapsed, and Bianca called for his return.
    Octa laughed and applauded. “Jolly good work, my dear fellow! I shall now take it over from you, though I wonder whether 'tis at all necessary.”
    Great work, Boreas!” Black said, “Now get back, Octa will fight the Oshawott.”
    Boreas proudly returned to Black's side as Octa took over from him.
    Now it's time for this little one!” Bianca said as Oshy stepped up to meet Octa.
    Octa did a little bow as a pre-battle salute and Oshy responded with a curt nod.
    Leaf Tornado!”
    As Oshy charged him, Octa whipped up a small tornado of leaves, cutting Oshy and hurting him, though Boreas noticed the cuts were only superficial scrapes, unlike the deep wounds Octa had caused to the Zangoose trying to kill him on the night they had met. Octa didn't manage to dodge the quick Tackle that followed, but he responded by slapping Oshy with the vines quickly shooting from his hands. Already Oshy was seriously hurt while Octa was more or less unscathed. After they exchanged another attack, Bianca had no choice but to give up.
    I'm no match for you. Still, it was a fun battle, and we got to see Boreas in action, so I figure it was all good, huh?”
    Yeah, and you did well too. You were just at a type disadvantage, or you might've won.”
    Octa folded his arms. “Hmpf, thank you very much for that.”
    Octa, did you see how cool that was? I mean, I really beat Puppy, and it wasn't even difficult.”
    Octa smiled. “Yes, you did well. I wonder how we shall fare against the Gym Leader.”
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