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    In Driftveil City I had a lot of fun. First of all I got an upgrade to my pokedex >.< much needed as searching for pokemon was becoming a bit tedious :| I als managed to find a kind lady who offers me Heart Scales for showing her various pokemon moves! :)

    I enjoyed my first triple battle with Charles, I just wish there was more in the game, it adds an extra dimension to battling which I like and would like to see more of in the future.

    I moved onto the Cold Storage to chase down Team Plasma and managed to catch myself a Vanillite! But more importantly my Blitzle evolved into a Zebstrika in the process :D The evolution was much overdue as poor Blitzle could barely last one or two moves in a battle.

    I also managed to find TM55 Scald in the town which I think is now my fave Water Type move, I immediately taught it to Dewott!

    Onto the gym, with Dewott in my team I never expected Clay to be much of a challenge, I backed that up with my Audino who knows Grass Knot and once again, a pretty easy battle came out of it.

    I moved on through route 6, catching a Tranquill, a Karrablast and a couple of Deerling on the way, and as I approached the cave another battle with N ensued! Once again he was brushed aside by a combination of Whirlipede, Dewott and Zebstrika!

    I have a brief chat with Bianca and Professor Juniper and make my way into the cave.

    The cave had it's good and bad points. I love electric pokemon, so was happy when I caught a Joltik and over the moon when I caught a Tynamo :) It appears Klink is the new Zubat of this generation :p

    My best catch though was Drilbur, I managed to catch three because I wanted one with a good nature. I met some resistance from Team Plasma from the end of the cave which was quickly brushed aside. And is it just me or are encounters with pokemon in caves a hell of a lot more frequent than they were in previous games? It felt like every 3 steps I had a battle :|

    Anyway I step out of the cave and into Mistralton City.....