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Originally Posted by PokeTerra2011 View Post
Hmm...I've altered my team quite a bit. I'm planning on going for Modest BoltBeam Starmie (Specs), Adamant Intimidate Staraptor (CS), Adamant Technician Scizor (CB), Naive MixApe Infernape (Expert Belt/Life Orb), Mild Multiscale MixNite Dragonite (Leftovers/Life Orb), Mild Physical Motor Drive MixVire Electivire (Expert Belt). I "abandoned" my 5th gen starter for a better water pokemon in Starmie. Electivire's Motor Drive gives my team electricity immunity and protects both Staraptor and Starmie. Electivire himself is protected by having dragonite and staraptor to switch in on earthquakes, ice is resisted by infernape, starmie, and scizor. Scizor's only weakness, fire, is resisted by Infernape and Dragonite. Infernape, like Electivire, is protected from earth quake by both Dragonite and Staraptor and protected from water attacks by Dragonite/Starmie. Dark/Bug type moves are resisted by various members of my team. They all seem to compliment each other.

One issue i have is that I'm not sure if Scizor needs CB or CS more and if I should give Infernape expert belt or life orb vs Dragonite using life orb since I only have one.I have two mixed set pokemon to throw my opponent off on what kind of dragonite/infernape it could be and switch up when needed.

Any1 have any ideas on this issue and whether this team is better?
Oh wait I didn't comment on the second team, yeah Dragonite could be changed up - generally its Life Orb set is completely different to what you've got (and the fact that you can't use multiscale on the life orb set due to superpower kinda makes it less appealing tbh). Since you want power, you could always choose the CB set :

[email protected] Band
252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant / Jolly
- Outrage
- Fire Punch
- Dragon Claw / Waterfall
- ExtremeSpeed

Outrage as the stronger STAB, dragon claw as the less-powerful-but-not-locking-in-STAB, waterfall for power in rain which is common on PO at least, idk about wifi, extremespeed for priority (and isn't that weak either so can effectively kill things you'd otherwise be outsped by) and fire punch to kill off steels after a few hits.

As for Scizor, both sets can work though I generally prefer the power of CB since bullet punch as a whole generally hurts the opponent due to priority and if you're locked into bullet punch, opponents will definitely be afraid to switch in unless they have a steel type etc.

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