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    Originally Posted by Wiznatts View Post
    Just wanted to report an odd finding that I've seen with the part of the hack that allows Pokemon to evolve without the National Dex. I've directed some people to it for their hacks on another forum, and it seems there is a problem. Gen 2 and 3 Pokemon do evolve just fine, but Gen 1 mons don't evolve to mons from other Gens; so Golbat->Crobat doesn't work while Chikorita->Bayleef does. I have no idea why this might be, but it's something you'll want to look in to.
    Thanks for alerting me to that bug. I honestly thought I'd fixed that, but I shall have another look when I get a chance.

    Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
    I doubt that's a priority, as most hacks give out the National Pokédex immediately. Still, that does need to be fixed eventually.
    It's certainly not a priority, but it's something I would like to have fixed before I release anything.

    Incidentally, I will be releasing a Public Alpha within the next few days/weeks. I'll detail the Terms and Conditions (and such) when it gets released. It's currently available to a select few hackers I know for (semi) private alpha testing.
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