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Michael Cale - London, England

The girl next to him muttered in something that sounded like French, before stopping and correcting herself in English. "Uh, I have a brother called Michael". Michael as a child used to speak French around the house with his sister and parents, but once he left them, he never really had much use for French in England, neither Spanish, so he rapidly lost the ability to speak both of these languages. Not that he was any good at speaking them in the first place, he just did so out of necessity to communicate with his family.

"Michael is a pretty common name," Michael replied, sounding quite apathetic about the issue, "what about your name?" he asked her cautiously. She seemed like a socially awkward person, and he didn't want to upset her, especially if she managed to get this far in the screening, she must have had an Atlantean Power of some description. He didn't want to be the one to make her explode in such a small, confined space, especially with the amount of casualties that would occur.

A big lady wearing a coat entered the room opposite of where Michael had entered. He had seen her numerous times before when she had come to collect people to move onwards in the registration process. She held up a clipboard, squinting through her glasses that sat on the bridge of her nose, "Oaklay North?" she called out, the majority of the people looking at the woman hoping for their names to be called. "Oaklay North, Christian Calaway..." she practically yelled the three next names before coming finally to the last name on her list, "and Michael Cale."

Michael's vision started spinning, not because she had called his name, he was actually grateful for being able to leave now, but for the first name on the list she had called out. He shook his head, trying to dismiss the thoughts from his head, but the coincidence was too large to ignore, "could it really be Her" he thought to himself as he got to his feet and watched the others called get to their feet. He was the first to approach the lady, "Michael Cale" he spoke as she waited for the rest to gather.

Jeremy Kyle

Jumping was what Jeremy explained his power as, but it was much more complicated than a single action of upwards motion. To explain it fully would take several mathematical equations, a blackboard, and a couple of massive thesis books from the university library. So he explained it in the simplest way possible; Jumping. When Jeremy jumped, he did so in a particularly weird way. To be able to use his power, Jeremy would jump backwards, picturing clearly in his mind where he wished to go, and in a split second he would appear there. The only complication with his power however, was that he needed to have a clear picture of where he was jumping to in his mind, and unless he had been to a place before, he would not be able to jump there. On numerous occasions he has tried with photographs and postcards, but to no avail.

So when Jeremy was requested by what he considered his superior to practically take someone hostage, his first thought was to scope out the place and find somewhere he could Jump, then secondly was why. But like many times, his superiors were always sketchy on details, telling him as little information as possible. Jeremy liked to tell himself a little lie that it was all for his safety and security, but he knew well enough that it wasn't because of either of those reasons, but rather they preferred to keep him out of it, in case he found out too much. Jeremy was fine with this though, they paid him enough so that he could sustain himself as well as keep happy. Given that his received coordinates were an Atlantean Centre, he assumed that it would be someone like himself who he would be picking up. People were a lot harder to teleport than objects, but he had done it before with minimal casualties. It was the fact that it was someone with a superpower that scared him, since they could possibly kill Jeremy. Letting all that slide away, he started to dream up ideas of having another Atlantean around.

Several minutes later and Jeremy found himself in the middle of a Swiss street, freezing in a shirt and a pair of shorts that he had been wearing when he was in Southern England, enjoying the coast and sunlight. He had been to many Atlantean Centres around the world, and all had the same design and layout, which made it easier for him to teleport in and out of. The Swiss branch in Bern was no different, except perhaps the multitude of people surrounding the building. A buzz on his cellphone told him that his target was in position within the building, the place Jeremy worked for had eyes everywhere, so Jeremy made sure he was extra careful not to slip up, he rubbed his arm tentatively, remembering the time when he had last stuffed up... Continuing on, he decided to get to work, not wanting to keep his employers waiting long. From outside the building, he jumped straight into the secondary waiting room, scanning it quickly for his target while a few people looked up and gawked at him.

Seeing his target, Jeremy disappeared then reappeared right next to him, "You are coming with me!" he said, smiling at Leon Nef, giving his target a split second before he teleported them both to the safe house.

When they arrived, Jeremy had miscalculated his jump, and not only did they land several feet from where they were meant to, they were also a metre in the air, colliding with the hard concrete below. The warehouse was dark save for a small lit spot in the middle of the room where he was supposed to arrive. Grabbing his target's shirt, he pulled Leon up and over to the light. "Come on," he hurried Leon, "we don't want to be late!" giving Leon a big smile.
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