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Pitch’s nose hung in the air as she took in the smells of her surroundings, and acknowledging no sign of trouble; she lowered her head and rested in on Anthony’s thigh. Anthony had been sitting on the dewy wet grass for over half an hour; lost in thought about what to do. He remembered over and over again how his past-self had made the first move; shouting out a message across the Aether Realm, no wonder the enemy had been able to find them. If he were to do that, then would it still happen again that way? This was the tricky thing about knowing the future, because once you have knowledge of it, it can quickly change. Anthony was wasting time, precious time that they didn’t have, making up a decision that should have been easy to make.

“I don’t know Pitch,” he spoke to the Houndoom whom sat on the ground beside him, “I could take the risk and get everyone to assemble at Mirage Island like last time and see if the same thing will happen as what has happened in my dream, or I could get everyone together in another location, and possibly look at avoiding the whole situation, but then wouldn’t that mean that the same stuff would go down, just at a different location?” Anthony had always had a habit of speaking a fair bit when he was feeling stressed, and the gravity of the situation did nothing to help him with it at all.

"It's bullsh*t that I know what is going to happen, yet the paradox of the situation is that if I try and avoid it, the situation will change and the events still transpire," running his hands through his hair, Anthony was wasting precious time that he could never get back, the stress was getting to him, aggravating him as he struggled to find a new solution to his problem. "How am I supposed to save these people I don't know, how am I supposed to save the world when all I know is what could happen, yet that might change?!?" Anthony got up so suddenly that he startled Pitch, who rose with him, but he gave her a pat on the head, in a gesture of apology before putting his hands in his pockets, pacing backwards and forwards as he began to wear a path in the grass. He kicked a stone with the toe of his boot and watched as it tumbled towards the edge of the cliff not a metre away, listening till it finally smashed against the rocks below.

Pitch rested back down beside the bag Anthony had packed especially, though knowledge of what had happened and general experimentation, he found that very few things could be carried through the Aether Realm. Aside from the Catalyst and the Shifter, only the clothes on a Shifter's back were able to properly shift into the Aether Realm. Items in a bag simple seemed to hit some invisible barrier and drop to the ground. Anything that was not natural such as Potions and PokeBalls were unable to cross over into the Aether Realm, but natural materials like clothing, bread and berries were able to. Any other Pokemon beside Catalysts were unable to shift over to the Aether Realm, the same went for other Humans aside from Shifters, again they seemed to hit some sort of magical invisible barrier that regulated what shifted over, and what didn't. Apart from Pitch, the only other Pokemon Anthony had was a Fearow he had caught earlier which would help him fly somewhere faster than the Aether Realm, despite it still being a quick method of travel. It seemed that walking one metre in the Aether Realm was equivalent to walking about three metres in the Contemporary Realm.

"I can't do this any more, Pitch," the Houndoom understood to an extent what Anthony was meaning, and with bag in mouth, she walked over to him, dropping Anthony's bad at his feet and looking up at him, "I can't keep wasting time." He locked eyes with her and the world seemed to slow down. Anthony reached out and stroked Pitch's soft fur, and in the one brush, the sun disappeared behind him, as the world lost colour to become the bleak, bleary grey of the Aether Realm. The chirping on the Pidgey in the trees cut out to be replaced by the eerie silence of the hollow Aether Realm. Anthony knew that here he could communicate with Pitch, not through speech, but though a series of images and a supernatural understanding of each other. No matter how much Anthony had tried to scream, there was no sound option available in the Aether Realm, yet some sort of Telepathic connection was opened up between Shifter and Catalyst, but Anthony did not know if the same went for two Shifters or two Catalysts, but he assumed it would.

Opening his mind to the flow of the Aether Realm, the weird breeze that always seemed to echo throughout the deserted realm, "To any who receive this message, my name is Anthony Stagg and I am a Shifter like you. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, but I need your help to save the world. Please meet me at Mirage Island in Hoenn, as a Shifter you should have no trouble getting there."

Shifting back into the Contemporary Realm, Anthony bent down to pick up the Pokeball that rested at his feet and looked at Pitch, "It all begins now," he smirked as he tossed the ball into the air, the Fearow released from its spherical prison and flapping its wing powerfully. It settle on the ground and Anthony managed to get Pitch to jump inside a Ball, and grudgingly, she did so, not seeming too happy about him. Swing onto the Fearow's back, he gave it a slight tap with his heel and it lifted up into the air, heading west towards Hoenn.

The sun was resting behind the mountains to the east of Hoenn by the time Anthony landed in Pacifidlog Town on one of the platforms supported by Corsola. Having helped Anthony get here, he reached into his backpack, withdrawing a berry which he chucked towards its head in compensation. It snapped the berry out of mid-air with its long, sharp beak before giving a squawk as it pushed off into the air, probably off to find a nice cliff face to rest for the night before its journey home. Anthony released Pitch from her ball, patting her as she sat by his side for a moment while she cleaned herself and stretched, "I don't know what its like in there," he said as he scratched her behind the ear, "but I'm sure its nothing too hard." He laughed a little, looking up at the starts that shone brightly above him. A brief flashback took him back to his dream; as he lay dying he watched as the stars in the heavens winked out one by one and darkness enveloped not just the world, but the universe as well.

Coming back to the present, Anthony stopped patting Pitch, "It's time to go," he said to her and the pair disappeared into the Aether Realm; Mirage Island their destination. Anthony knew that Mirage Island existed in both the Aether Realm and the Contemporary Realm, only appearing in the Contemporary Realm on special occasions. The Wynaut that inhabited the Island seemed to have something to do with the Aether Realm, as if they were able to shift the island in and out of it. The thing that the Aether Realm made easy was the terrain. While most of it followed the terrain set out in the Contemporary Realm, it seemed that water took on a solid state, so as Anthony walked towards Mirage Island, he was effectively walking on water. 'Pretty Messianic stuff' he though to himself as they neared the island, from Pacifidlog Town, it would have taken a while to get to, nearly half an hour, but Anthony managed to make it in just over ten minutes. Finding no one there, in the Aether Realm at least, he decided to set up camp in the Contemporary Realm, waiting for his helpers to arrive.
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