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    Originally Posted by Dialga111 View Post
    Oh, unfortunately, I don't have a mic, so no skype for me =/ What is SVN, though?
    You don't need a mic for skyping. In fact one of our members is mic-less, and was, until recently, speaker-less as well. The majority of our development work is via the chat box so that we can have a written record of everything we decide.

    SVN is a general term, not the name of a brand or anything. It's essentially a file repository thing that allows for version control and is mostly used in programming/code stuff. Version control allows people to revert to a previous committed version in case one person changes something and it borks everyone else's code (Or I guess goes on a code deleting rampage spree). We're using it for basically everything though (like the art). It's the easiest way to share code, and allow the programmers access to the arts to use for testing purposes. (More info:

    So if you could, it would be great if you got skype to communicate with the rest of our team. Thinking back, I think I might have an MSN account, so Imma dig that up just in case.

    And so that this post doesn't become completely a info dump, here's two OW's.

    Officer||Aide (M)

    Still looking for spriters for Pokemon Azure! If you're even the slightest bit interested, contact either me or DJClass. More information available on the Azure thread.
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