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    Oh and btw the eevee ability i have was anticipation i thought it was that by any chance its ability in gen 5 or something? Oh n i had no idea it started! Time for mai team to get pumped up! XD
    mind me. Im just A favorite PkMn user. also, a mega glaceon lover.~♡ X3

    I do trades and gifting. Ask for more info.

    I play tournaments IGN Tenshi♡(ss&black), Sahra(white) or Angel(ss)
    my FC for Soul silver 4341-6764-0499(i finally found my game+ this is my main version i use to trade or play)
    FC for Black: 3955 1930 3096 IGN: Tenshi♡
    Versions i use: black, white, soulsilver, & platinum

    Pokemontcg username:Ace_Glacia

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