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Oakley North - London, England

As Michael asked for her name yet again, Oakley shied away from the question. Usually, her name wasn't such a big deal; she would have nonchalantly handed it over in exchange for his own if they were simply two students on a train or a random encounter in a coffee shop. Today though, she had no idea what these people could do with her name. Everyone here was supposedly an Atlantean and you really didn't know what everyone could do. As far as she could tell, not everyone had the same power (she was the only one with a screwed up arm) so maybe, just maybe this Michael person was a shapeshifter and would steal her identity later. Maybe he was a mind reader and was gonna see what information he could get out of her. Maybe he was both! What could he possibly already know already?! Oakley winced as the pain started to throb in her arm. She quickly grabbed her bicep and squeezed it, like she usually did, hoping it would slow it down. It didn't really, only giving her another pain to forget about the other one. Why couldn't she just think, "hey, this Michael person is a nice guy and is just being polite and I should give him an appropriate answer!" She turned towards him with a pained smile and opened her mouth to answer, only to have a lady talk for her.

"Oaklay North?"

She winced as she heard her name, albeit pronouced wrongly. Two other names were called, Michael Cale (who was obviously the guy she had been talking to, or rather had been talking to her as he got to his feet and approached the lady) and a bunch of other names (none of which rang any kind of bell). Michael rose to his feet almost straight away and strode over to the lady to announce his presence. Oakley slowly followed, getting up carefully so she didn't pull her arm of the sling or show any part of it. She too approached the lady, her face twisted in a painful smile.

"Oak-lee," she corrected the lady then looked at Michael, giving him a shy nod, her smile barely fading. "Oakley North. That's me."
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