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baha okay I'm back again with some more tangible updateness. I've been going at mapping and eventing South Outa's first metropolis, Maresia City. lemme tell ya, it hasn't been easy xD BUT it IS coming along and I'm quite happy with certain aspects of it. So I'm here to go ahead and give you guys a few teaser screenshots~ :D

...and some justification for my obsession with slowpoke >:

Although they're all over the place, Slowpoke don't actually mingle in with the wild Pokemon when they migrate to Outa. So really, they're difficult to catch.

So there's a bit more of what I've been working on lately! There's a big update type of thing that I really want to do but I've been rather busy with school and whatnot. Hopefully I'll get what I need together so I can update you guys with something more interesting than a few teaser screenshots.