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    Dear Anonymous,

    It wasn't you that broke me. Don't you even think that. I was pretty damn messed up then, I'll admit. I did stupid things, and I said even stupider things... but we both know how hard I tried to make up for that. Regardless, I'm a completely different person now. You don't know me, even half as well as you think. In fact, what you know is next to nothing about me. To say that we shared love is asinine, irate, and just plain idiotic. There was nothing there, we shared nothing. You always acted so condescending, and you have no idea how patient I was with you. We all make mistakes though, don't we? Shame I let my drag on for so long. You aren't anything, so stop acting like you're the boss.

    Dear Anonymous,

    You're quite annoying. You aren't as smart as you'd like to think, nor are you as talented. You brag and brag, but we all know you can't back it up. You twist all logic and every argument so that it is you who wins. Then you go on wondering how people could be "such douchebags" and you go to criticize them for who and what they are, yet you intend to reprimand them for their criticisms against you. You are setting some pretty steep double-standards here.
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