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    Chapter 1 – Elevator Talk

    Fox-Way Military Base, Argonaut Barracks. Juno Region– Planet Fortune-Monday, March 7th, 3535. 0930 Hours.

    The elevator was big enough it could easily fit fifty people inside. Poliwrath pressed the number one button on the panel, and then stood very stiffly. The elevator began to descend from the sixty ninth floor. Several seconds passed, and there was a little pinging sound signaling that the in-elevator radio had turned on.

    "Hello and good morning, Fox-Way Base! This is your radio host DJ Private Jessie Jeff! And you're listening to, Z one-oh-three dot five! It is currently nine-thirty five am and today is Monday, March the seventh, three thousand thirty five. For today's weather; we have clear, beautiful skies with the current temperature of twenty-eight degrees. Right now I would like to say welcome back home, Lieutenant Commander Sceptile. Everyone sure did miss you. May I add, I think you going MIA for six months went to your head. Like honestly! Who refuses an offer for a few months of a vacation? Sceptile did. I should slap you! But then yet again I'm going to take those words back because he can kill me with a slap. But we hope you like the new remodeling of the base because I don't! Naww, just kidding! Special shout out to the person who remodeled the base. Also, I'm just going to say what many wanted to say. Who designs the frigate bay the shape of a flower and Headquarters the shape of a butterfly? Oh well, what's done, is done. I'm going to stop trolling and going to have a nice trip to the washroom now. Rice and pizza is an amazing combo, but has some negative outcomes after a few hours. But here is something to listen to while I'm gone. Here is "Gotta Catch em' All" by…a guy and three other women. I am, DJ Private Jessie Jeff, and you're listening to, Z one-oh-three dot five! Enjoy!"

    The music starts playing and Poliwrath puts a smile on his face "Classic song" he says softly and leans back on the wall of the elevator. As soon he was able to get into a comfortable position, the elevator stops and the computer says, "Fifty-fourth floor, please watch your step, due to an inch of gap that may cause tripping," Two soldiers walk into the elevator and presses one of the buttons. One soldier was wearing a dark blue and black tight shirt with black cargo pants. His name was Captain Miller. And the other was named Private Kurt, he was wearing an olive green shirt and cargo pants.

    It was quiet, too quiet. The Private looked to his right on corner of his eye at Poliwrath and then left at the Captain, who was nodding to the music with a smirk on his face.

    "Hey, sir, why is that Poliwrath not in its pokeball?" Kurt asked in a hushed voice, still glancing over at Poliwrath.

    "Why don't you ask it yourself? It's not going to bite you," Miller whispered back a mischievous glint in his eyes.

    "I'm not going to ask it!" whispered Kurt in a voice that was a bit louder then he had intended.

    Miller didn't say anything to that, just went back to nodding his head with the music.

    "Fine, but if I get eaten I'm haunting you for the rest of your life," The private then turned and laid his eyes on Poliwrath, but couldn't say a word.
    Poliwrath sighed and looked over at the Private. Kurt looked very nervous and slightly scared. Sweat was running down his face and his teeth were chattering. "Hey there…Poliwrath…why aren't you in a Pokeball?" he finally managed to ask.

    "Why don't you ask the Captain? I think he knows," replied Poliwrath, not paying much attention to the scared man.

    The private felt relieved that Poliwrath hadn't eaten his face off and faced towards the door again, "Okay, hey Captain why is that...," he paused for a few seconds, "Poliwrath talking?" he finished. Then it hit him. Poliwrath, a Pokemon, spoke English. "Wait… It can talk!" Kurt yelled, quickly hugging the wall behind Miller. But Miller just laughed.

    Poliwrath scratched his head, "I find your jokes cold and cruel for a human, Captain Miller," said Poliwrath.

    "I had to sir. Private Kurt, is from Earth and he's never seen an Argonaut before," replied Miller.

    "That makes sense," replied Poliwrath, "so how are the wife and kids?"

    Miller stopped chuckling and returned to normal state, "They're doing well. My son got a job as an engineer on Planet Soil. What about yours?" he continued.

    "They're living in peace back on Earth."

    As the two have their conversation. Kurt was still on the wall, confused and mind blown. He was double taking at the two. But every time Poliwrath talked Kurt eye-balled him. And finally, he decided to say something.

    "Ahhh, can you answer my question? How…" but was stopped by Poliwrath.

    "Okay, first of all, Private Kurt. Why don't you decide which of your questions you would like answered," interrupted Poliwrath.

    "You can answer my questions?"

    "Yes," replied Poliwrath.

    "Okay. How can you talk English?"

    Poliwrath nodded his head, and thought for a moment, "Well to begin with. I'm Commander Poliwrath. Leader of Loyal Team, a team of the finest Argonauts. We Argonauts are enhanced and augmented Pokemon. Raised, trained, experimented and tested on, originally for subduing militia-rebel uprisings but now used for more difficult military operations that normal soldiers aren't able to face. Our vocal cords and brains were also enhanced, augmented and altered. To do more functions. Like speaking in human tongue, think faster and the list goes on," explained the confident Commander.

    Kurt does a bit of a double take, and looked to Miller.

    "Kurt, if you don't know what that means. Basically he can launch you out of this elevator and this building by a flick of a finger or a punch to the face or a kick to the chest. And he is very hard to kill," supported Miller.

    The elevator stops, "Twenty-fourth floor, please watch you're step, due to an inch of gap that may cause tripping," it says in its musical voice.

    "This is our floor Commander, have a nice one," said Miller.

    "Will do," Poliwrath replied nodding.

    As the two leave the elevator, two more fellow Argonauts, and Loyal Team teammates, Ditto and Machamp, step in. Ditto was in his human form. He has blond hair, doted eyes and a very annoying voice, like a "squeaker" on online video games. He was decked out in bright gold and pink armor with leather and light metal leggings and a gladiator helmet. Machamp, on the other hand, was very different. He's wearing leather armor all over, with an animal fur vest and a barbarian helmet that has two bull tusk pointing out from the sides.

    "Ditto, Machamp," greeted Poliwrath, nodding to each in turn.

    "Hey Commander, did you know? I was able to eat an entire bag of puffins before the elevator got here," said Machamp.

    "Holy sh*t! They're everywhere!" yelled Kurt. The door closes and the elevator begins to continue its descent.

    "Loyal Leader. What's the deal with the operation today?" asked Ditto, leaning against the wall and looking towards Poliwrath.

    "All hands on deck. That's kind of big, don't you think?" added Machamp.

    "That's what she said!" shouted Ditto, throwing his hand in the air.

    "Shut up Ditto!" yelled both the other occupants of the elevator.

    "Just kidding!" laughed Ditto, "but seriously it's not kind of big, it's just big."

    "Are we still talking about the mission or your…" started Machamp, but decided that question didn't need to be finished.

    Ditto then stretches the front of his sweatpants, taking a look at his private area, then looks at Machamp "I was talking about the mission, but if you were thinking about my giant pride then you have a dirty mind."

    "I wasn't! Only Toxicroak would think such a thing" denied Machamp, taking a step away from Ditto.

    "But we're talking about you. Not Toxic. And you're acting kind of sketchy, you denying that you like …"

    "I'm not what you are thinking of!" shouted Machamp, grabbing the front of Ditto's shirt.

    "Okay. Sure. Whatever," laughed Ditto, pushing Machamp away from him.

    Elevator stops. "Eighteenth floor…" A pause kicks in and the three then stare at the audio system and waited. "Are you waiting for me to say something else?" it continued.

    "Yes," said the three.

    "Well, I'm not! Bye!"

    The doors open, and fellow Loyal teammates Sudowoodo and Toxicroak walk in. Sudowoodo had rock like armor on that covered his whole body and Toxicroak was wearing a Shaolin Monk like wardrobe.

    "Speak of the topic. He's here," whispered Ditto.

    "Hello boys. Hi, big man Commander," said Toxicroak, putting a giant smile on his face.

    "Toxic, Sudo," said Poliwrath, nodding to each in turn as he had earlier.

    The doors close and the elevator begin to descend, shaking slightly. Sudowoodo gets frightened and goes closer to the corners. He looked paranoid and slightly nervous. You see Sudowoodo has Panphobia, the fear of everything. When I mean everything, that means everything in life.

    "Come on Sudowoodo. It’s just an elevator," laughed Toxicroak, leaning against a wall.

    "It's JUST an elevator!" screeched Sudowoodo, "do you know how many people die in a year due to elevator malfunction? Six, and that over succeeds the trap-in-a-elevator-and-starve-to-death-in-it-amount! And that's two if you're wondering."

    "How do elevator malfunctions happened anyway?" asked Machamp.

    "Like this!" yelled Ditto. Ditto then jumps up and down, shaking the elevator violently. Sudowoodo screams and scrambles like a girl.

    "Oh! My! God! Oh! My! God!" he yelled.

    "Awww poor Sudowoodo. Do you want a hug to squeeze that fright out of you?" asked Toxicroak, holding his arms out towards Sudowoodo.

    "No way! I know a guy who died from a bear hug. A literal bear hug. So, no," huffed Sudowoodo, curling up in a corner.

    The elevator finally stops, and the doors open into an open room with a huge crowd of staff and soldiers.

    "Main floor. Have a nice day," said the computer.

    "Why thank you! Now why can't Pokemon, like you Ditto, be like the computer? It's nice and isn't arrogant or crude," asked Toxicroak, exiting the elevator with Sudowoodo beside him.

    "Because, *ssholes like me keeps life going for many," Ditto replied, walking out as well.

    "Funny, because it's true," laughed Machamp, also exiting. Leaving Poliwrath the last to exit.

    The group exits the living quarters building, where vehicles are ready for pick up. Poliwrath spots other Loyal Team members. Sceptile, Infernape and Alakazam.

    Sceptile is wearing a tribal-warrior belt with multiple long green and brown cloth hanging on different sections but have nothing as a top but bare skin. He has multiple tribal tattoos on his arms, chest, stomach, back and neck. Infernape is deck out with Aztec wooden and steel armor and is also smoking a cigar. Alakazam is wearing full leather and wool military clothes but with a lab coat and glasses.

    As the rest get into vehicles, Poliwrath approaches the three and begins conversation.

    "Sceptile, Infernape, Alakazam."

    "Commander," replied the three.

    "Why is Jet calling for all hands on this, and to be more specific, only the Argos?" asked Infernape, blowing out a cloud of smoke.

    "He didn't tell me much, but it's an Argo related rescue," said Poliwrath.

    "Great. But wait, I only saw Ditto, Machamp, Toxicroak, and Sudowoodo. Where are the others Loyals?" asked Sceptile.

    "If my memory bank reached its capacity, but it's unlikely it has, I believe Mazda and Zangoose are on a scouting mission in New Goldenrod City and are captured and the main reason why we are going on this, undoubtedly, pointless rescue, when Mazda and Zangoose can get them and our apparent fellow Argo prisoners out. Pidgeot is leading Mawile, Bibarel, and friendly forces on invading Planet Gust. While Gengar is leading Garchomp, Frosty, Pinsir, and Electivire for some POW rescues on Planet Trail. And that remains Blissey and Mightyena who are waiting at the armory for us," explained Alakazam quickly.

    "All available Argonauts please report to the armory, for mission prep and deployment. And have a nice day" said the speakers.

    "We should begin proceeding to the armory, shall we?" asked Alakazam.

    "Agreed," replied Sceptile.

    "Loyals mount up and roll out!" yelled Poliwrath getting into one of the trucks and proceeded to the armory.

    Next…Chapter 2 – Change of Plans

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