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Natalia Zaytsev - Moscow, Russia

Everything was in place. Equipment set, people in their right positions, support where she needed it. Though the mission itself was simple, Natalia treated it with upmost importance. Everything had to be right, everything had to be exactly in place for this mission to have the highest success rate possible. Anything less than that was unacceptable. Her strict concentration was broken by the ring of her phone. She answered it swiftly, snapping it open and pulling it to her ear in one graceful flick.

"Zaytsev," she answered, her fingers tapping away on her laptop keyboard and eyes glued to the screen.

"Everything's ready."

"Good. I'll be there in five."

"May the light of the Universe shine kindly on you."

She snapped the phone shut, closed her laptop and left the room, the one destination in mind; the Atlantean Centre of Moscow.

* * *

It was a short drive from Natalia's hotel to the centre of Moscow, where the centre was so convieniently placed. This wasn't mere coincidence, as a simple point of origin to return to was a necessity in these kinds of situations. Of course, she had a back up plan. She had a back up plan for the back up plan. She was as ready as she could be. So, with that thought in mind, she stepped through the wall of the Atlantean Centre.

Her body reformed on the otherside of the wall, taking her exactly where she had anticipated; the waiting room for the confirmed Atlanteans. Finding her target was not hard, as she had studied a picture of Nikolai Afon several times. And a plus, nobody had noticed her! It was surprising, but not unexpected. She inhaled and strode confidently towards her target, who was sitting in a corner. Unsocial, separated from the group. It was better than socialising with a big group who would notice his lack of presense if it came to such.

"Nikolai Afron," she said, crouching down next to him, "my name is Natalia Zaytsev and I am part of an Atlantean organisation. We have been surveiling you for the past few days and would be very much interested if you were to join us." Short, sweet and straight to the point, the way Natalia liked to do things. "I would like to explain to you more but I believe here is not the best place. Please come with me." She stood up straight and extended a hand for him.

Oakley North - London, England

"Vous avez étudié dans le sud de la France?"

Oakley raised her eyebrows, surprised at this Michael person. It wasn't every day you saw (or heard, rather) a multi-lingual person that wasn't actually from another country. True, his accent and the rhythm of his words was a little awkward but still, very much surprising. She nodded, her smile warming up a little. Hearing those foreign tones reminded her more of her recent and much more normal life. The one she had been forcibly ripped from. She had been listening to her father's heavy British accent for the past week as well as the 'fabulous' voices of TV presenters and news reporters. At first, when she had first enrolled in her French Academy, she had despised her need to be fluent in French. Now, it made her feel happy. Happier than ever to hear it from someone else.

"Oui! Parlez-vous français aussi?"

Maybe this Michael guy wasn't so bad after all.
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