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Leon Nef - Bern, Switzerland

The triumphant look remained on Leon's face for the next step in his Atlantean registration. Hopefully, it'll only be a little more before he's done, and back out, the worry of getting arrested because of something small like this gone behind him, and the police unaware that he would be more than he seems. And just then, wouldn't you know it, a man comes in and wrecks his mood, and surprises the heck outta him.

A man in shorts and a shirt suddenly appeared in front of Leon, from what it seemed to be thin air. He spoke to Leon.

"You are coming with me!" He yelled, and before Leon had a chance to do anything, they were gone. A few seconds later, Leon appeared somewhere completely different, right in the air. He collided hard with the ground, his head making contact with the ground for a second, possibly producing a bruise.

"Ugh...." Leon managed to get out as he slowly tried to stand, not before the mysterious man grabbed at his shirt and urged him to come.

"Come on, we don't want to be late!" He said. It must have been the bump on the head he just got, because Leon didn't react like he normally would at that moment. For now, he was compelled to follow the smiling stranger. But as his senses seemed to quickly return he finally asked the guy a question back.

"And where exactly are we going?" Leon asked, a tone of confusion and annoyance in his voice. He had gotten back to his senses now, and if he didn't like the answer the guy was gonna give, he'd take him out, and bail.

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