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    Originally Posted by Tyewatson View Post
    Well the thing is, I've tried that already. I'm not misinterpreting the rules. Half the time the mods seem a little unsure and whey they are sure its something unconventional to my OP and has to be modified specifically to the rules in that sections likings liking so that certain sentences are to their own liking. Whos liking? The Moderators liking, now I am not entirely sure what the guidelines of a moderator does like what they look for or is it something they see in a sentence that makes their own head flash red?

    Now I'll admit I've had 2 threads locked and one moved. I've read the rules and I tried my best to word them properly. However you guys have to go and change what the words mean for whatever reason. Challenge doesn't mean to challenge someone it has to do with playing through a game solo, mono-type etc. Hell right now I can send you the thread I proposed to the mod who apparently has to approve of my post. I have to save my posts in notepad before posting encase of it getting locked because I made a mistake. I thank the fellow who moved my one of my threads.

    I have to wait now for this mod to approve of the thread I made. This isn't the first time I am posting. I was in fact told by a mod from another section to post my thread there. So that is what I am doing. I miss when these forums were simple to post in... I could have posted this way back in 2008 in the section I original posted in today...

    Even the moderator of the challenges posted in that section way back when for challenges.


    Then heres my thread.


    Three years too late.
    Because 3 years ago, to my knowledge, there wasn't a section devoted to Challenges, so that section was the best place until demand made it a possibility. And your idea looks not suitable as a challenge as it is only for the benefit of you and one other, so could be like a Let's Play between 2 people simultaneously, but it isn't. It's a really difficult thing to place. Your idea is good though, just isn't really something that can perhaps sustain a thread in the Challenges section, as it would just be you and one other, so could work as a Lets Play if you make that decision.

    As for your ideas, I'm at a loss. I see what you are saying about the Wi Fi area, but most Wi Fi functions are here on PC already - trading, help with Wi Fi (in the Computer area), Competitive battling, probably even WI Fi activities, and they all fit in those areas. And for the In Game help, the Simple Questions at the moment work, and is a nice area to ask questions, as far as I know.

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